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The head lamps should not get dim. Dim light are an indication of low voltage. You should have a volt meter in the instrument panel. If the voltages is not reading about 14V when the engine is running, you have a bad battery or alternator. It should read over 12V with the engine not running and the ignition in the on position. It should not drop below about 9-10 when cranking the engine. If you have low voltage during cranking and normal voltage at other times, you probably need to replace the battery.

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Q: Do headlamps in your 2000 blazer get dim after 6 years?
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Why do the brake lights dim on a Hyundai Accent when the headlamps are turned on?

Check the ground wire to the brake lights.

Why wont your headlamps work on dim but will work on bright on cavalier?

probably because your dimmer switch is bad or a relay

2000 dodge ram rear lights dim on one side?

2000 dodge ram wiring rear end tail ligts dim and right blinker works but very dim

On Silverado 2000 When the lights come on you have One Dim And One bright?

You probably have a bad ground on your "dim" light.

What is cause of headlamps going dim while driving a 99 mustang?

* Voltage Regulator * Defective Battery * Dirty Battery Post Connections * Alternator/Generator problems

Are the dim lights the inner or outer on a74 corvette?

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Why the headlamps of a car go dim when the starter motor is used?

The headlights in a car usually dim slightly when the starter motor is used. This is because the starter generally pulls substantial current from the battery, and that causes the battery voltage to decrease. However, they should not go too dim... Excessiving dimming can be caused by a bad or undercharged battery, and bad starter, or bad wiring connections.

Your headlamps are not working 205 D Lreg - They do not work dim on sidelights via the dim dip resistor or when switched on normally would like to check the dim relay and resistor Main Beam is fine?

Change dim dip resistor, or check connections for melting/corrosion Just had the same on my 306 apparently the resistor gets quite hot! Not sure on cost, got mine from scrapyard for nothing because they didnt know what it was!

Why is my 02 Blazer stalling out when I start it also panel lights dim and fuses blow and trailer lights to not blink as they should when towing a trailer and interior lights dim randomly?

Check your alternator it could be malfunctioning. Sometimes it gives you warnings like this.

No dash lights or under hood light on a 2000 blazer checked all the fuses and they are good. Have to turn the panel dim switch on the dome light position for them to work Is it the dim switch?

Most likely the dimmer switch. I have had this problem before and I went to a pull a part junkyard and bought a few of them. I highly recommend doing this, as I have already blown 2/3. It's a common problem with our trucks.

Why do 2000 Toyota Echo headlights dim when heater gets turned on?

because before they were not dim The heater could be drawing too much power or your alternator isn't producing enough.

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