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Change dim dip resistor, or check connections for melting/corrosion Just had the same on my 306 apparently the resistor gets quite hot! Not sure on cost, got mine from scrapyard for nothing because they didnt know what it was!

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โˆ™ 2007-07-13 12:25:35
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Q: Your headlamps are not working 205 D Lreg - They do not work dim on sidelights via the dim dip resistor or when switched on normally would like to check the dim relay and resistor Main Beam is fine?
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How do you turn on fog lights in a 2002 Mercedes E320?

Have you tried pulling the round headlamps switch/knob out (ie. toward you), when the headlamps are switched on ?

Are the dim lights the inner or outer on a74 corvette?

The low beam lights should be set up as the outermost headlamps. All 4 will be on the when the "high beams" are switched on

What is the necesitty of starter in dc motor?

If the starting current is too high it is common to switch in a series resistor to limit the current. This is most common with a series-wound motor. At normal speed the resistor can be switched out.

Ths lights on your vauxhall corsa are only at half power or constantly on side lights how can you fix this and what have you done to make them like this?

Don't quite understand your problem,so am taking a couple of guesses. Up to the late nineties,UK cars were equipped with "dim-dip"headlamps for use around town,this gave you big lights without dazzle.With side lamps switched on and ignition on,the headlamps lit (half power) through a resistor,switching to headlamp position brought the headlamps to normal power.Some people fitted these resistors to cars which were not equipped with them. If all the above is no help,check your headlamp bulbs for blackened glass envelopes and locate and clean the earth wires.

What is on and off button in automatic shift gear?

Normally the overdrive fuction can be switched on and off in some vehicles

Why is my Peugeot 306 heater fan constantly blowing?

check that its not switched on first ........otherwise its the fan speed resistor ..............very costly part easy fit....

Why do your Jeep Wrangler 2003 dashboard and radio lights go out when the headlamps are switched on?

This may sound like a stupid thing, but turn up the dash light dimmer, they will be bright while the headlih[ghts are off because its supposed to be daytime, but once the lights are switched on nighttime rules take over and the dimmer controls the lights intensity.

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How do halogen headlamps function what makes them change from low beams to high beams?

If you look closely to your bulb. Their is two wires in side. Only one comes on when switch is turned to low beams. Then switched to high beams both wires light up.

2001 buick century blower fan stopped working have checked fuses they are okay?

If the low and medium speeds of your fan are not working and only the high speed is working, then it is probably the resistor fan control module. This unit will have to be replaced. It is generally located underneath the dashboard on the passenger side. Locate the blower motor and trace back the two power leads from the blower motor. They will terminate at the resistor module. The resistor module is a series of resistors that controls the amount of current flowing into the fan motor. On low speed settings, the current flows though all the resistors and as you increase the fan speed, resistors are switched out until eventually at the highest setting the complete resistor network is switched out. That is why you end up with only high blower fan speeds when the resistor module becomes defective.

What will be the effect if the d.c motor is directly connected across the supply without starter?

At zero rpm a dc motor draws a current that could be enough to blow the circuit breaker. In that case it is normal to place a resistor in series to limit the current to slightly below the circuit-breaker setting. The resistor is switched out after the motor runs up.

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What makes the blower motor keep running even with the control switched to the off position?

When that happens on a Chrysler Town and Country with auto temperature, the blower motor power module has failed. It is also called a blower motor resistor.

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