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Q: Do higher-pitched sounds have higher amplitiudes?
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Can dogs detect higher and lower sounds than humans?

yes dogs can detect lower or higher sounds than humans

Why are some sounds higher pitch than others?

because the pitch is higher

Why do big strings make low sounds Why do small strings make higher sounds?

The smaller the surface area the higher the pressure so vice versa

Would you expect a piccolo to produce higher or lower sounds than a flute?


What do the different sizes of cello strings indicate?

the pitch; the smaller it is, the higher it sounds; the bigger it is, the lower it sounds

What physical property makes different types of sounds different?

Higher frequency, higher pitch.

Objects that vibrate with a high frequency produce sounds with a high what?

Higher frequencies produce the perception of higher pitch sound. A woman's voice generally contains sounds with higher frequencies than a man's voice contains. An infant's voice contains higher frequencies than an adult's voice does.

Can frogs hear higher or lower sounds than humans?

they can here higher sound than a human

What sounds do golden lion tamarin make?

A Golden lion tamarin sounds like a bird but much higher in tone. (:

Are sound waves with frequencies higher than 20 000 Hz referred to as subsonic waves?

No. Such sounds are suprsonic sounds.

How are low-pitch sounds different from high-pitched sounds?

Low pitched sounds have a low frequency. Higher sounds have high frequency, that is the number of waves passing a point per second is greater.

How is classical guitar music written?

an octave higher than it sounds