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Yes, most homeschoolers do have a social life. Just like in public school, there are going to be those that do not get out, or do not talk with others. However, a large percentage of homeschooled children are involved in dance, Cheerleading, football, YMCA, Martial Arts, church, scouts, and just have friends around the neighborhood in general.

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Q: Do homeschoolers have a social life?
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the best resources specifically for homeschoolers is ( think that was the best website for homeschoolers based on my knowledge.

Where can I find other homeschoolers ?

I would talk to your public school. They will have some sort of record of other homeschoolers in the area.

What is a public schooler's opinion on homeschoolers?

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Is socialization a problem for homeschoolers?

No. More often than not, homeschoolers have better socialization than peers because they are around a variety of ages; young and old, not just peers. Homeschoolers social with kids in soccer practice, youth group, neighbors, etc. School is not meant for socialization, you go to school to learn. It is also noteworthy a 8 year-old will learn better socialization skills from a civil adult than from another 8 year-old.

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Yes. Most of them.

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As far as social scene goes, homeschoolers are not very different. They may get teased about being homeschooled by some but people tend to be more intrigued than hurtful. Some homeschoolers don't have a sense of fashion, or develope one later. Homeschoolers can have difficulty talking to people their own age mainly because they don't have a lot of interaction with their peers but this may be only a stage which they will grow out of. All of this can be avoided if the child is given opportunity(and maybe pushed a little) to spend time with other children. Ideas include (but are certainly not limited to) 4-H, camp, homeschool communities, playdates, and church activities.

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Are homeschoolers smarter then school kids?

It depends. Most homeschoolers score better on their tests (like SAT, etc--search up 'homeschoolers score better on tests' or something like that to see), but does that necessarily mean they are smarter? Maybe it's just that they have more time to study for them because they can study at their own pace. How do you define smart, anyway? By IQ? That has nothing to do with whether or not you're homeschooled!