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Do hoverboards exist?


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October 03, 2014 1:29AM
yes they do

Actually the hoverboards of Treasure Planet do not exist in real life. Right now the only hoverboards you will find are air cushion hoverboards which hover but are unstable and wobbly and noisy. You can also ride a crane hoverboard prop or a zipline hoverboard prop. Also a ducted fan hoverboard did exist back in 1955 called the Hiller Flying Platform. Which was tested by the US army to see if it was air worthy, but due to the instability balance and the danger it was, it was considered a failure by the US army. There is a Cyber Surfer Hoverboard toy that uses ducted fans but you can't ride it because it's made out of Styrofoam. Also a maglev hoverboard was made in France and also in South Korea.

It is uncertain when scientist will start researching and building a Treasure Planet hoverboard. If it does get made then the air cushion hoverboards will become obsolete.

As for the hoverboard featured in "The Jetsons", "Back to the Future 2", "Pinocchio 3000", "Treasure Planet", "Wreck it Ralph", "Spider-man 3" It doesn't exist right now and we're not likely to get a hoverboard by the year 2015.