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Yes, but it is called as 'used tax'. "Use tax is generally imposed on the purchaser of tangible personal property that is used, consumed, or stored in this state. Sales of vehicles, vessels, and aircraft by licensed dealers are usually subject to sales tax, for which sales tax reimbursement is collected at the time of purchase. Use tax applies to the cost of vehicles, vessels, and aircraft purchased from non-dealers (for example, private parties) or from outside California for use in this state. Use tax also applies to most leases of tangible personal property. Private party sales or brokered transactions are normally subject to use tax. If the first use of the property occurs in California, use tax may apply even if the purchaser is not a resident of the state. The sales and use tax are "mutually exclusive," which means that either sales tax or use tax applies to a single transaction, but not both."

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Q: Do i need to pay car sales tax in California buying from a private?
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What tax do you pay when buying a car in California person to person?

There is generally not a sales tax on used items such as cars. However, the car would need to be re-registered, and a component of that is a vehicle tax.

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I'm a Oregon resident buying a car in California Do I owe California sales tax?

I just called the California DMV and asked this same question. To avoid the CA sales tax you need to either; 1. Flat bed the vehicle out of California and then register it in Oregon or 2. Have the dealer deliver it to you out of the state of California. (I'm thinking of having it delivered just across the border in Ashland.) Essentially, you can not operate the vehicle in California before it gets registered in Oregon. When I asked this question of auto dealerships they were totally confused. You will need to educate them . . . lol.

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When buying a vehicle from private seller do you need some type of receipt to show that you paid for the vehicle?

The title would be your receipt.

If I buy a car in Nevada from a private party do I need to pay sales tax we both live in California?

IN some states yes, the purchaser must pay a sales tax to the vehicle registration office. Call your local vehicle registration office and ask this question in your area. They will gladly tell you the answer, and if they do charge, ask them how they calculate the fee.

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What would a 259 dollar camera cost without sales tax?

Assuming the $259 price tag is with sales tax, we still couldn't answer the question - we'd need to know what the sales tax rate is where you're buying it/looking at it is. If it was, say, a 7% sales tax rate, then that would come out to $18.13 in sales tax, so the price without it would be $240.87.

Should Californian business owner charge a buyer from Chicago sales tax for an item that will be resold in Chicago and the buyer do not have a valid seller's permit?

If the sale is via the internet and the California seller has no Illinois location, then no, you don't need to charge Illinois sales tax. You'll need to consult California tax law to know whether to charge him California tax, but probably don't need to charge it either. If the sale is in person in California, then yes, you should charge him California sales tax. If the sale is via the phone you could probably get away with calling it an internet sale and skip the tax, although it depends more on California tax law than Illinois tax law.

You purchased a pickup truck on June 28 2007 in Oregon and used it there for 6 months and are now a California resident and need to transfer title to California Do you have to pay sales tax?

Probably not. You paid sales tax in Oregon when the car was purchased. When moving to California you didn't have to pay sales tax on all your other possessions, did you? You'll probably have to pay a tax on the car's value when registering it in CA. Probably not. You paid sales tax in Oregon when the car was purchased. When moving to California you didn't have to pay sales tax on all your other possessions, did you? You'll probably have to pay a tax on the car's value when registering it in CA.

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Do you have to pay dmv tax when purchasing a used car from a private party seller in California?

Yes, as a buyer in a private party vehicle sale, you will need to pay the use tax. Use tax is calculated based on the sales tax rate in your residence county. You can find more information on CA state vehicle registration at the following DMV.ORG - The Unofficial Guide to the DMV - page: Have a wonderful day, DMV.ORG Support

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