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In recent years one or more jaguars have been spotted in southeastern Arizona. It is not known if the animal is a permanent resident or just passing through.

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Where does the jaguar live in Arizona?

Jaguars have been spotted in the mountains of extreme southeastern Arizona.

Where Do Jaguars live in The US?

Formally, California, Arizona, and New Mexico.Now only seen rarely in Arizona.

What places in the world do jaguars live?

From Arizona south through South America.

In what states do jaguars live?

They live scattered throughout Latin America But in the USA they live in southeast Arizona and southwest New Mexico.

Where do jaguars live in the rainforest?

Jaguars live on the forest floor

In what place do jaguars live?

Jaguars live in savannas in the jungle.

Do jaguars live in the jungle?

Yes jaguars live in the jungle.

Over 100 years ago did jaguars live in Arizona parts of California Texas and New Mexico?

Yes, but all of them were hunted down. Today's jaguars live on the forests and jungles of western Mexico, Central and south America.

What rainforest jaguars live in?

jaguars live in the amazon rain forest

Are there jaguars in the US?

Yes, there are a few jaguars in extreme southeastern Arizona and extreme southwestern New Mexico.

In what areas of the rainforest will you find jaguars?

Jaguars are found in very remote areas of the rain forests in Central and South America. There are also some jaguars that live in Texas, the Cerro Colorado mountains in Arizona, and in New Mexico. They like wet, lowland areas.

Do jaguars live in jungles?

Yes jaguars do live in the south American jungle.

Do jaguars live in Australia?

No, jaguars are strictly animals of the Americas. They do not live in Australia.

Where do jaguars live and what country?

Jaguars live in the jungle in Central america By Reagan!

How long do Africa jaguars live?

Africa jaguars live for about 20 years

Where do jaguars and cheetahs live?

Jaguars are jungle cats and cheetahs live on the savannah.

Do jaguars eat bears?

No. Bears are not where jaguars live.

Do jaguars live in Florida?

Yes there are Jaguars in Florida

Are jaguars found in the US?

Yes, in recent years jaguars have been reported in extreme southern Arizona.

Do jaguars eat koala?

No. Jaguars do not live in Australia, which is the only place where koalas live.

Can you show a map of where jaguars live?

This article about jaguars (See links below) has a map showing where jaguars live now and where they lived in the past.

In what habitats do jaguars live?

The jaguars preferred habitats are usually swamps and wooded regions, but jaguars also live in scrublands and deserts.

Do jaguars live in south America?

Yes. Jaguars are the only big felines to live in the Americas

Do jaguars live in the Amazon rainforest?

jaguars live in the amazon rain forest because of there camouflage

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