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No. Lenders don't "have" to report to credit agencies at all. Credit reporting is totally voluntary. There is no law which requires or compels it. The Fair Credit Reporting Act states that IF information is reported, then it must be accurate. But there is no provision that insists on reporting.

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Monique's previous credit card balance is 199.26 and she has a monthly finance charge of 1.5 How much will the credit card company assess in finance charges on this balance

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Q: Do lenders have to report to credit agencies the same time each month?
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How do credit agencies keep their information up to date?

Lenders, at their discretion, report the status of all their loans to the credit bureaus each month. The information that they report is not necessarily up-to-date or accurate.

How long does it take for negative information to be reported to the credit bureaus and show up on your credit report?

Most lenders report once or twice a month to the credit reporting agencies and usually on a specific date. This date depends entirely on the lender. So, it can take anywhere from one to thirty-one days.

You have lowered the balance on your credit cards but it is not shown on your credit report How do you correct that?

Just have to wait. The credit card company usually updates the credit reporting agencies once a month. Call your credit card and ask them if they can tell you what day that is. Then it can take up to a month to show up on the credit report. Knowing what day they report is good, because if you want to buy a new computer but tomorrow is the day they report to the agencies, hold off on the computer 2 days, and you'll at least look good for that month's credit report. If you paid it and it's not showing up even after a month, I'd first call your credit card company (they're easier to get ahold of). If they can't help, you can try to correct it by contacting the 3 agencies: , ,and . But usually their dispute process takes a month or two, so you're probably better off just waiting it out.

How can one get a copy of their credit report?

All three credit reporting agencies are obligated to send one free credit report per year to whomever requests it. There are companies that will provide information on credit reports for a fee. These are recurring fees that are charged each month.

What if you had a foreclosure and it is not on your credit report?

It sometimes takes a month or two to be added as a negative on your credit report.

Is it OK to check your credit report after you've been denied a credit card because of your credit history?

Yes. In fact, if you are denied credit based on something in your credit report, you have a right to a free copy of the credit report that shows the unfavorable information. There should be a procedure in the denial telling you how to get the copy of the report. Additionally, credit reporting agencies are required to provide one free credit report annually. Since there are three different credit reporting agencies, I recommend that you request one every 4 months, and cycle through them. Check out Don't be taken in by the credit monitoring services that cost ten or twenty dollars PER MONTH like "", which is anything BUT free.

I just purchased a 3in1 credit monitoring report and the credit scores that I got from them are different lower than ones purchased from the credit agencies in the same month Why?

The only reason may be timing. It is possible that between purchasing the 3in1 service and receiving the scores from the bureaus that updates or changes were made to your credit report. Sometime it takes a few months for changes to get to a credit bureau and be incorporated into one's credit report.

How often is your credit report updated?

Supposedly every month

Where can you obtain a free personal credit report?

Some credit report companies offer a month of trial period, you can use that to get a free credit report. You can also request for free annual credit report through TransUnion, Equifax and Experian.

I just purchased a 3in1 monitering report from true the credit scores I got from them are different and much lower then from each individual credit agency that I purchased in the same month?

It could be that additional information was reported to the credit agencies. Note that inquiries on your credit decreases you credit score. Also you did not mention by how much was the much lower score. The only time that it is a true benefit of using a monitoring report company if you had your identity stolen otherwise its not necessary. If you are interested in repairing your credit and/or are in the process of repairing your credit the credit agencies send you an updated report 30-45 days after each dispute cycle. Note you can repair your own credit

Does credit reporting agencies automatically send credit status reports to consumers each month?

yes true

What if one of the three credit agencies shows your payment history as unknown for each month is this hurting your credit score?

No. Not all creditors report to all CRA's. For example Trans Union is basically the Mid-West. The other two major CRA's report few Mid-West accounts.

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