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Do lightning bugs make their nests in the ground?

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Where do tree kangaroos make their nest?

tree kangaroose make there nests make there nests on the ground

Where do ostriches make their nests?

on the ground

Do peacocks make nests?

Yes, their nests are usually on the ground and are of a loose structure.

Where do pheasants make their nests?

Pheasants build their nests in depressions in the ground using weeds.

How do lightning bugs make light?

they are use buds

Do lightning bugs make you blind after touching them to your eyes?


What are the names of birds that make nests on the ground?


Why do birds make nests in trees?

Birds make nests in trees to avoid ground-bound predators such as certain species of snakes, dogs, and other ground-based animals.

Where do owls make their nests?

Most owls make their nests in tree hollows. Some owls like the burrowing owl dig their own nests in the ground. Some owls in deserts will sometimes make their nests in cactus hollows

What do crocodiles make there nests out of?

they dont use anything to make it they just dig a hole in the ground.

What does a stink bug nest look like?

Stink bugs make nests like ants. Stink bugs have a habit of nesting under the siding on a house and in walls.

When do lightning bugs come out?

Dusk is when lightning bugs make themselves most visible.Specifically, lightning bugs can be seen poised in the grass or on building and tree parts. But they do not light up until dusk. They may make themselves visible from early evening into 1-2 hours before dawn, from late spring into early fall, depending upon environment and weather.

Are lightning bugs helpful to us?

Luciferase, which is the bioluminescent enzyme in lightning bugs was used in medicine to help detect blood clots and locate tuberculosis virus cells. Today, scientists make synthetic luciferase.

What type of animals make nest in the ground?

There are a few types of animals that make nests in the ground. These animals include snakes, rats, mice, rabbits, and moles.

Why do birds make their nests in trees?

It keeps the eggs and chicks away from ground dwelling predators.

Do chimps live in trees?

Yes, and they make their nests up there. However, older "chimps", if too heavy will stay on the ground. They make new nests everyday, as old ones get dirty and weak.

Why turtles have claws?

they have it to dig like bugs out of the ground and make their homes.

Why do lighting bugs light up?

Lightning bugs make light within their bodies. This process is called bio luminescence and is shared by many other organisms, mostly sea-living or marine organisms. To do this, the lightning bug contain specialized cells in their abdomen that make light.

Do bats make nests?

Yes bats do make nests

Do wombats make nests?

Wombats do not make nests; they did burrows for shelter.

How do puffins make nests?

they burrow under the ground until they think it is a safe place and then make a cave like room for the nest and chicks

Why aren't lightning bolts straight?

Lightning bolts are not straight because they are looking for the path of least resistance Lightning bolts want to find the path of least resistance so they can make it to the ground faster. Lightning bolts are zig-zag because they are finding the easiest path to the ground.

Where do Bumble Bees make their nests?

Bumble bees make underground nests.

How do guinea pigs make their nests?

Guinea pigs don't make nests

Why do animals make nests?

animals make nests to keep themselves warm and their young. some animals attract mates with their nests to.