Do married men like gay guys?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Yes. Gay guys make great friends.

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Q: Do married men like gay guys?
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Related questions

What is the difference between gay men and straight men?

Well that's a bit of a silly question to ask . Gay guys like boys/men , straight guys like girls/women. simple :)

Do gay guys check out guys?

Yes. Gay men check out other men like straight men check out women. The underlying desire often leads to this behavior.

Straight woman likes gay guys?

Many straight women like gay men.

Why do guys hate musicals or is it that only women and gay men like it?

There are many straight guys who love musicals and there are many gay men who hate them. These are silly stereotypes which have nothing to do with sexual orientation.

Are guys who like cats gay?

Only if they like cats AND are sexually attracted to other men.

What are married gay men called?

Married gay men refer to each other as "husband."

Are there gay guys in Texas?

Yes, there are gay men in Texas.

When gay men get married does one of them have to wear wedding dress?

No, gay men are men. Men usually get married in suits or tuxedos.

Are some guys gay?

No one can choose to be gay. Sexual orientation is natural and unchangeable. In fact, most gay men would say that when they first realized they were gay, they would have done almost anything to change it.

Why do wemen like gay guys?

Women find gay men nonthreatening so they can be comfortable being good friends.

Is there an clear explanation of why many gay people like chubby men or fat men but for others they aren't atractive at all?

well, its just the kind of person that they like. its just a coincidence that a large number of gay guys like other guys that are chubby or fat. its like how some men like fat women.

What do straight men want from gay guys?

Straight men want the same things from gay guys that they want from straight guys: friendships and good working relationships.