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Do men converse differently than women in the workplace?

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No not really, they talk about the same stuff just in a different manner. Like men working on a construction site would talk about sex but crudely. While women working in a office will talk about sex too but in a more conservative manner. If everyone worked in a strip joint together then both men and women would talk the same because of the atmosphere and morale of the people.

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Why are women in prison treated differently than men in prison?

There is no doubt that women do get treated differently than men do in prison. Women have more personal needs than men do. They also need more privacy than men.

Why are women treated differently than men in the military?

Women are often treated differently than men in the military because women have been viewed as the weaker sex for many years. This causes men to want to protect them rather than work with them equally.

What challenge to equality do women still face in the workplace?

Women still average less pay than men.

How were women treated differently in the west than in the east?

they hada different culture

Why do men like nude photes?

They think differently about sex than women

How were the women of Ancient Kush treated differently?

They had more power than the women of Egypt, and could be priests or queens.

Why do men act differently than women?

genes and hormones a result of the different roles played in life by men and women they have different priority's and this causes them to behave and feel about things differently.

Why does alcohol affect men differently then women?

Because men have a stronger matabilizm the women do so they can consume more than women as their body takes it in better and women have difference organs to men in which deal with alcohol differently to how mens organs deal with alcohol. -women are

Other than desert boots what additional boots are made by Converse?

Desert boots were designed to be worn as workplace type of clothing. Converse also manufactures boots for style purposes like the Chuck Taylor boots which come in different colours and designs.

Are women on death row treated differently than men?

they get busy in the cells first

How do men and women generally react differently to stress?

women respond somewhat differently to stress, with women being more likely to use what is called the "tend and befriend" response rather than the classical "fight or flight" pattern

Why do females react differently to stress than males?

women are more emotional than men and handle it differently. While women may break down and cry or go to talk to their friends about it, men would rather hold it all inside.

Do women offenders get treated differently than male offenders in prison?

No both women and male offenders should get treated equally.

Were military women paid differently than their male counterparts at any time?

I don't believe so..................

Why do most boys just want a hookup?

Because they view sex differently than most women do.

Why do men get a completely different meaning than what women really mean?

its a brain thing. men process things differently than women. Women exel in emotional intelligence whereas men tend to have a better charismatic intellegence. it just means that we dont always see eye to eye because we understand things differently.

Why is hitting girls and women wrong?

Because girls and women have been made differently than males- males have been made generally more dominant.

Is it differently then or differently than?

Differently THAN is correct. My question was: is it "differently than" or "differently from" but I can't find any examples of "differently from" in all of Google, so I have to assume "differently than" is the correct choice. 'Different FROM' is correct, from this. 'differently from' arises. Searching Google [I notice your correct but unusual capitalisation of the proper noun ' Google'] implies you are interested in the wisdom of crowds rather than grammatical correctness.

Why do women think differently than men?

It's because men's and women's brains are differently built (and the cause is testosterone). Neither one is superior over-all, but they both have advantages.

How were women treated in the Middle East?

Women in the Middle East are treated far differently than women in other parts of the world. These women must be accompanied by men on outings are expected to cater to their husband's every need.

How is Valentine's day in japan celebrated differently than in the U.S.?

This day is for the men in Japan instead of the women. Women get chocolate for men instead of the other way around.

when the biconditional statement is separated into a conditional and its converse, which of these cannot be the converse?

If a number is nonzero, then the number is positive.

Are women more vulnerable to the effects of alcohol?

Yes. They are smaller than men and metabolize etoh differently. Medical people recommend no more than one drink per day for women, two for men.

Are nikes better than converse?


Why there is an increasing trend of women investors in capital market?

Because women are gaining more power in the workplace and are more likely to have jobs than previous generations..and therefore have more money of their own.

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