Do men like athletic girls

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Yes, most men do like athletic girls, unless he himself is unathletic and is selfish, thus not wanting to be bettered by a girl. Moderately athletic girls who are in good shape (not too beefed up) are very much liked by men.

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Q: Do men like athletic girls
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Do boys like girls that are athletic?

yes, because athletic girls are fit.

Why do girls date tough and athletic guys?

That is actually a common stereotype. Many girls do not like tough and athletic guys. But if I had to say why, girls are generally attracted to "manly" men or someone that they believe will be able to take care of them.

Do guys like athletic girls?

yes.. especially if you and the guy are both athletic!!!

Do girls like non-athletic boys?

This all depends on the girl, some girls love athletic ones and only athletic ones while others hates athletic guys, but some might like both.

Does Cody Simpson like athletic girls?

Yes he does

Does Austin mahone like athletic girls or fat girls?

doyou date a fat girls

Do athletic guys like it when athletic girls beat them?

yes and no, they like it because they have found their parner and no cause they don't like losin

Do guys like atheltic girls?

yes most guys like athletic girls or somewhat athlectic

Do athletic boys like non athletic girls?

Y-E-S!!!!!!! This football boy in my class has a magor crush on me and i am athletic in no way Even if your not athletic it doesn't mean the athletic boy won't like you, he'll like you for who you are.

Why do society look at womans differently?

Prejudice. Men think girls can't do what they can because most girls are weaker, slower, and less athletic.

Do guys like girls with a slight build?

Not all girls like men with a slight built. Some girls like skinny guys while some others like big guys. Girls have different tastes in men as men do in girls. Girls r hot XD

In girls boy like what?

Well,this is just MY knowledge of what I know.Well me and most other boys(That I have met)like girls whom arent'TOO girly,but a fair amount.We also like girls that have some muscle.And we normally like a girl who is athletic and can stand her own.Well actulay,these are probably the traits of a girl thay an athletic guy would like.But don't'get me wrong,athlets'don't always like other athletes. Raiyaz's Response, I'm quoting something from long ago that I read once. Wish I saved the paragraph. "Most men like girls that are hot, some like girls that can cook, few like them for their money, very few like them for their minds. And a legend exists that there are a group o men that like girls for their attitudes." I'm a legend ^^

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