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Do men work harder than women?

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Why do men get paid more than women do?

Because more men work harder then women do

Who works more men or woman as a fashion designer?

in my opinion, women work more than men because they also design men's clothes as well as men design women's clothes but i think that women work harder because they know what's hot and what's not!!!!!!!!!!!!! However, I'm sure they both work, on average, as hard as each other. But there are probably more women in the fashion industry than men, so therefore it would seem that women work harder as they get more done. But on an individual basis they probably work the same.

How did Islam affect Muslim women?

Islam affected Muslim women because they were treated lessly than men and they had to dress more modestly than men and the had a harder time getting a divorce than men and they inherit less than men.

What were the causes for woman living longer than men in the 1800's?

Women always take better care of themselves compared to man. Women work smarter not harder.

Should men be paid a higher amount than women at their jobs?

No, women work just as hard as men at work!

What role do women play in Kenya?

They are the key motivators for reforms. They pile pressure on the 'men' to work harder by trying to out compete the men.

Was it harder for women or men in the Alaska gold rush?

Of Course!!Everything is harder 4 women...but they handle it so much better then the men!! Sucked in!!Of Course!!Everything is harder 4 women...but they handle it so much better then the men!! Sucked in!!

Who is more comlicated men or women?

Men are much harder to understand than women. Men tend to be more competitive. Men are more visually-driven. Men tend not to build strong relationships through conversation, and they switch topics more frequently than women do. Men can't always identify emotions as quickly as women can. It is harder for men to be "just friends" with women. While women may openly express concern about a failed project, men may retreat and seek solitude in the face of failure.Women are happier when they are complimented on a group task, while men do not like to be singled out.

Why women are slightly happier than men?

i think women are happier than men because woman have more things fun to do than men and men are always the ones who have to work i guess

Why women are stronger than men?

Some women are stronger than men because they work out more or because their arms (for example) are used to lifting somethings and men aren't. No one nows for sure if men are stronger than women or if women are stronger than men. xoxoxox Hope this helps.

Were men and women treated equally at work in 1948?

No they were not. Men were paid more than women for the same work and women tended to be relegated to low paying jobs that were not valued, such as: housecleaners, cooks, waitresses, phone operators and hairdressers. It was much much harder for a woman to get a degree and when she did, she had a hard time finding work in a professional field, such as being a lawyer or doctor. Even in those fields, women were paid far less than their male counterparts.

Do gay men have it harder then gay women?

yes they do

Do men earn more than women?

Absolutely... Men earn 17% more than women because people believe that women don't work as much as menIn jobs where men and women do the same work it has often showed that men make more money.mostly because of sexual discrimination for women leading to unfair and illegal income salary

Difference between medieval women and men?

The difference between men and women were that the men did a lot more work than the women at certain points of the year. The women did more home jobs.

Women are better employers than men?

Either way yes. If you work hard at your job, then you can become really good. It doesn't matter with gender. All it takes is hard work and determination to be a good worker. Men can be better than women. Also, women can be better than men.

Should woman have more rights than they do now?

Yes woman work harder and are better than men

Why did women do more work than men in the medieval ages?

I think medieval women did more work than medieval men for the same reason that women have always worked more than men. I am not really sure what that reason is, but I think women are less easily satisfied with the way things are, or, put another way, (speaking as a man) men are more willing to be lazy.

How is life harder than men?

Actually, life is not harder for men. For centuries men have ruled countries and businesses. Women have been treated as chattel and not given basic rights. They have not been allowed to attend college, run for office, vote, own land or business and discriminated against because they are women.

Do men have more natural strength that women?

You mean "than women"? Yes, because of the male hormone testosterone. Men have more muscle naturally, and make more than women when they work out. Not to say that some women are stronger than some men, but by and large, nature meant for men to be the "strong protectors".

What did Jacobs mean when she said that slavery was even harder for women than for men?

Women had to go through sexual exploitation from their masters and even other slaves.

Why are women treated differently than men in the military?

Women are often treated differently than men in the military because women have been viewed as the weaker sex for many years. This causes men to want to protect them rather than work with them equally.

Are women stronger than men?

it depends, some women are stronger than men and some men are stronger than women. -- Generally not.

Do women float better than men?

Yes and no because women are lighter than most men but men can be lighter than women

How did propaganda posters help mobilize the US home front for World War 2?

By inspiring the women and people in the home front work harder to win the war. by insparating the women and people in the home front work harder to win the war by inspiring the women and men not in the war to join/support the war

Do the Dutch women work more than the Dutch men?

No... I wish they did tho...