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Anything you hit makes a vibration. Vibration=Sound.

I guess it depends how hard you hit the object (in this case metal) you will be able to hear the sound. But yes, they do make a high pitched sound when you hit them (some so high pitched you will never be able to hear them).

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Q: Do metals make a high pitch sound when you hit them?
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What sort of waves make pleasant sound and unpleasant sound?

pleasant sound? softness and low pitch unpleasant sound? loudness and low pitch

How are pitch and sound alike and how are they different?

Pitch is only a componet of any sound. It represents the frequency of the sound, normally expressed in hertz (number of waves in a second). Low frequeny sounds are bass, thunder, foghorns, etc. High frequency sounds are screeches, bird whistles, breaking glass, etc. People's voices are in between high and low (normally 400 to 1000 hertz). Other components of a sound are amplitude (how energetic or loud the sound is) and wave envelope (wave shape).

What does the amplitude look like for a soft sound?

Amplitude is how loud it is. So a soft sound would have a small amplitude. Frequency is the pitch of the sound. High sounds have high frequency. Wavelength is the type of sound. Music wavelengths are in harmony. Changing the wavelength gives us the different words etc that we make.

When you change the pitch of a sound what change in sound wave?

In sounds with higher pitches, the compressions that make up the sound are closer together; when the pitch is lower, they are farther apart. The wavelength of a sound, which is the distance from one compression to the next, is the speed of sound divided by the sound's frequency (pitch).

Which form of energy is not conducted by most metals?

The form of energy that is not conducted by most metals is sound because if you want to test that you would have to clank it together and it would not make a sound.