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Do mice eat other mice?

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Yes, they can. Mother mice will sometimes eat their young if they think their young don't have much chance a survival (if the young are sick), if they a disturbed and think they are at risk or just because it's the mother's first litter and she gets carried away. Also, if a mouse dies, another mouse may eat it for the sake of cleanliness. Mice don't tend to kill other mice to eat them.

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Do king cobras eat mice?

Yes. They eat mice and also other snakes.

Do Kestrels eat mice?

Yes, kestrels eat mice and other tiny animals.

What do stray mice eat?

Anything, including other mice.

What do Constrictor eat?

they eat mice and other rodents

Do mice eat bugs?

Yes, mice will eat insects i own 15 mice and all of the adults i have eat June bugs and other types of bugs.

How Do you know that snakes eat mice?

Snakes have been observed eating mice. This is very well established, there is no question that snakes eat mice (among other things; they do not only eat mice).

What does the barn owl eat?

Mice, rabbits and other small animals. They are great in the barn!I believe you meant what does a barn owl eat... as far as i know, they eat mice, and many other things, but all I know is that they eat mice.

What does the grasshopper mouse eat?

Grasshopper mice eat insects, worms, scorpions, snakes, and other mice.

What does a bullsnake eat?

They eat mice and other food they can find.

What do constrictor snakes eat?

they eat mice and other rodents

Do Pythons eat frozen rats?

Some pythons will eat frozen mice. However, other pythons will refuse to eat frozen mice and prefer only fresh mice.

Do mice have any predaters or pray?

well, nearly everything, even other mice will eat mice! but mice will also eat bugs in the wild so, they do have prey, and they do have predators!

What do Constrictor do?

they eat mice and other rodents

What do sidewinder snakes eat?

They eat mice and other small animals.

What does a western diamondback rattlesnake eat?

They can eat rats, mice, rabbits, and small birds.mice and other small animals

What does Puma concolor eat?

They eat meat. they eat birds, mice, and other carnivores.

What do all snakes eat?

It varies from species to species. Kingsnakes will eat other snakes, mice and other small mammals; while garter snakes will eat fish, frogs and mice.

What animals eat rats and mice?

Snakes, raptors, large amphibians and other carnivorous organisms commonly eat mice and rats.

What do mice drink?

what do mice eat i gave him water dont know what they eat

What do pet snakes eat?

Pet snakes eat live mice or frozen mice. A snake's diet consists of mice because other animals cost to much to constantly buy for your snake to eat.

What plants do mice eat?

dandelions and other weeds

What do mice eat in the desert?

grasses and other plants

What else can toads eat other then bugs?


What does a cape cobra eat?

Mice and other cobras.

Do raccoons eat field mice?

Yes, raccoons eat mice as well as a number of other small vertebrates and invertebrates.