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No moose do not travel in herds...caribou do. Wheel of Fortune had a puzzle whose answer was 'herd of moose'...wrong wrong wrong.....

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Are moose herds dominated by one female?

No, Moose herds are not dominated by one female they are more of a group animal that travel together for protection not by a hierarchy.

Does a reindeer travel in herds or are they solitary?

they travel in herds :]

How does a rhino travel?

Rhinos travel in herds. They travel in herds to stay safe.

Do deer travel in herds?

Yes, they also can travel in small family herds.

Do gorillas travel in herds?

Yes , but their herds are called troops .

Do reindeer travel in herds?

Yes, reindeer travel in herds and there can be from 1,000 to 10,000 reindeer in one herd.

What do cows travel in?


What do deers travel in?


What does deer travel in?


Do moose herds circle in the middle of a stream and dance?

Yes they do.

Do Horses Travel in Packs?

yes, they travel in herds.

How did triceratop travel?

triceratops used to travel in herds.

Do elephants travel in pods?

Elephants travel in herds.

How do moose live?

Moose typically inhabit boreal and mixed deciduous forests of the Northern Hemisphere in temperate to subarctic climates. Moose are solitary animals and so not form herds.

Do mother moose and father moose travel together?

No, moose are solitary animals.

What do giraffes travel in herds?


Do zebras travel in herds?

yes they do

Who did the mammoths travel with?

they travelled in herds

Do caribous travel in herds?

yes they do

Does bigfoot travel in herds?

no, they like to be loners... people such as adam think they travel in herds which is incorrect because they are only spoted alone

How do moose travel?

The moose travels by walking. The moose has very strong legs that are built to travel long distances in a short amount of time.

Do giraffes live alone?

No, they travel in herds.

Du antelopes travel in herds?

Yes they do.

Do African elephants travel in herds?


Do antelopes travel around in herds?


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