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That completely depends on what area you are in. In Mexico and Italy, soccer is much more important. In the U.S., Basketball and football rank among the top.

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How come people like basketball but not other sports?

Because it is their like and opinion.

What sports do adults like to play?

Adults play football, basketball, and other sports.

What do Jordan people like most in sports?

Duke basketball

What is your interest in sports?

I like sports but it is not my favorite subject to talk about. I like tennis and basketball but not so much football and hockey. That's just me but other people might not think the same thing so just ask other people and find other answers.

What sports do people from Saskatchewan play?

they play many sports like broomball hockey basketball mostly the same sports as Americans but more ice sports like curling ice skating and other ice things in the winter olyimpiacs

Why do you think some sports have more or less players participating than other sports?

well some people don't like certain sports and people like certain sports but for some reason soccer is m ost liked because you hardley get a chance to sit like football and baseball even basketball people just like sports that you don't have to sit out

Does LeBron James really like basketball?

Yes, he does. As a kid he played other sports and found that basketball was his thing.

Why is basketball rough?

Because it is a contact game. Unlike Swimming , Basketball, football and other sports like this are contact sports because you are aloud to tackle your opponent.

What sports does Puerto Rican play?

Baseball, basketball, volleyball and various other sports just like in the U.S.

What do Turkish people play as sports?

They like to play football, baseball , tennis and basketball.

What are the main sports people like to play?

All Sports really. Mainly Football. Tennis,Basketball,Netball. etc

Why do Japanese people play Basketball?

Because they are people like everyone els, who like to have fun too. They want to play sports too. They need a hobbie and sports to play.

What sports does will smith like?


Can you get other sports cards that aren't baseball basketball hockey or football?

yes, like golf

What does these have in common ebony sports illustrated time ym?

Lots of people like to play basketball

What sports did bob lanier like?


Did Roberto Clemente play other sports?

he played basketball in his free time. p.s. i like pie.

What can you say about sports?

I can say "Sports is life". --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There are a lot of sports in the world. I like football and basketball.

What sports were popular in 1920?

well football, basketball, golf, polo, horse racing, and other things like baseball were very popular sports.

What sports were played during the renaissance period?

they had football, tennis, baseball, pole vaulting, basketball and other sports like biking, beach volleyball

What is New Hampshire's sports?

The sports played in newhapshire are all of your regular sports like soccer, basketball and so on. The just dont really have surfing and any other sports that are not usually played in the US.

What would it look like if basketball had not been invented?

life wouldn't be as fun and then we would still have the other sports

What other sports use a small ball like a baseball?

ping pong,tennis,and handball,basketball,cricket,and

What do you know about the game of basketball?

It serves as an alternative from getting into trouble for kids. Just like other team sports.

What sports does Calvin Coolidge like?

golf and basketball