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Educational Paths There are no strict educational requirements for event planners. Many community colleges offer diplomas in event and meeting planning as well as hospitality management. There are no specified university programs that focus on event planning, but an undergraduate degree is always helpful. College or university programs in hotel and restaurant management as well as event planning can provide a student with skills and knowledge in the areas of managing staff as well as coordinating and planning events such as banquets and dances. Most employers prefer to hire event planners with experience in the coordination and supervision of one or more events with a related college education. Experts suggest volunteering in a planning firm or in a related field. Why not organize a school charity event or dance? Go into the local tourism office and find out if there are any internships or apprenticeships offered. source::::

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Q: Do most event planners have degrees?
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How much do event planners get paid?

The average yearly salary of Event Planners is $52,930. The highest paid event planners were in Washington ,DC and they made $65,230 annually.

Special Event Planners?

Planning a special event is much easier when you hire special event planners. These planners will worry about all of the small details so that you don't have to.

How do most tour guides event planners and yoga teachers get paid for their services?


What special training is required to become an event planner?

Employers who hire event planners look for degrees such as hospitality management, business administartion, marketing, public relations, or communications. However, many people who are event planners previously had careers which involved planning responsibilities, too.

Is there a hotel in Milwaukee, Wisconsin that offers event insurance to party planners?

Nation Wide Party and Event Planners (MyWeddingPlanning) ,Bachelors party and many hotels that offers event insurance to party planners

Who do I contact with help for planning my meeting event?

You can find event planners in your local phone book. You can also check on Angie's list for reputable event planners.

Who is the best event planner in Chicago?

There are countless number of event planners in the Chicago area. I wold check Angie's List for a good recommendation from those who have used these event planners.

Why should we use corporate event planners?

Corporate event planners can tailor an event to be everything that you need it to be. You should invest in one because their services are extremely valuable for busy companies.

What actors and actresses appeared in The League of Extraordinary Event Planners - 2013?

The cast of The League of Extraordinary Event Planners - 2013 includes: Liz Blue as Tara

How much do event planners make?

it doesnt matter

How much to event planners charge?

It depends on the job.

Corporate Event Planners?

Using the services of corporate event planners, will seriously reduce the amount of time that is spend on planning events, especially those with a large number of attendees.

What do event planners plan?

event planners plan weddings anniversaries graduations birthday parties family reunions class reunions fashion shows fund raising political rallies and corporate meetings

What do event planners do?

You can find a reputable event planner in Portland, Oregon by visitng the yellow pages.

Where do special event planners work?

In all types of places!

What is the average salary for event planners?

1cent per year

What are the things that event planners usually do?

Event planners organize events up to the last detail and mainly do everything that an event would be successful. The work of an event planner consists of marketing, advertisement, procurement, booking of locations, hiring of required staff and directing tasks in order that the event is completed succesfully.

Do event planners create budgets?

If you are having trouble breaking down your budget, I highly suggest you call some event planners and get an estimate from each one. That will help you see who, if anyone, you can afford to hire.

Corporate Party Planners?

The use of corporate party planners, is a good idea when you are put in charge of planning an event that will have an excessive amount of guests.

Event Liability Insurance Protects Planners?

Event planners owe it to themselves to invest in liability insurance. If there is a theft from the entertainment or a vendor or other participant, planners may be held liable. If there is an accident in which property is destroyed, liability insurance protects the planner from financial ruin. Individual complaints due to accidents are covered by liability insurance. Event planners can also insure their event against a disaster that threatens to eat all the profits or worse shuts down the entire event. Smart financial planning requires that events be insured against these problems.

What is the educational background of most urban planners?

The educational background of most urban planners is quite simple. These urban planners often came from urban areas with urban schools.

Where can I find an event planner in Chicago?

Chicago has a number of even planners ready to conduct any event. Waveland Bowl Inc.(, Ravenswood Events Services(, C&C Event Planning & Management Inc.( are some prominent event planners operating in Chicago. For more even planners, pl see the link-

What are event planners paid in commission By the companies that employ them?

Anywhere between 15% & 30% of the cost of the event.

Is it possible to work for a company as an event planner?

Yes, companies do hire event planners. Most of the time though, you would need to have your own business and a list of recommendations from previous events you coordinated.

What is Bellnotes Certification in event planning?

Bellnotes certification has to do the the preparation and delivery of contracts and other binding documents. While I cannot find out where event planners get such certifications, I can only extrapolate that event planners would find it desirable because they have to negotiate contracts for various aspects of events.

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