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about 60% of guys like girls with blue eyes


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Well it depends on the guy. The guy might like the coloour of girls eyes, for example my eyes are blue and to me guys love blue eyes and brown eyes!

It really depends on the guy. Most guys like blonde haired girls with blue eyes because some of them are easy. Not all but alot of them are. Honestly i wish i had blue eyes. I have brown , but alot of guys like brow eyes

he loves girls with blue eyes like me

No he doesnt like girls with blue eyes. HE LOVES THEM!

their eyes and but of course!

I'm a boy and I don't trust blue eyed girls. They're sneaky. I like girls with green or grey eyes. Hazel is the best. Brown eyes are boring.

honestly, I think it's aDorable =} especially if they have blonde hair and blue eyes ;) but... that's my opinion :)

Guys seem to like girls like that because blondies tend to be attractive and blue eyes sparkle in the night sky and it's more romantic while kissing. -I have strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes but I'm made fun of more than anything for my hair. I'd say it depends on the guy.

Girls love to see light blue eyes on boys/men.

yes because he says he likes brunetts and he probably does like girls with blue eyes

Well I like blue eyes and dark eyes. I only like bright blue eyes, I think they stand out and look cute. But all eyes are nice so :3

Yes but that's just an oppinion

Just Kidding Blue Eyes All The Way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

he likes girls with blue eyes i don't know bout the brown part but he dated Caitlin beadles and she has brown eyes

Some guys like thick girls. Some guys like thin girls. Some guys like guys.

Because maybe they like their personality or their eyes.

eyes,,,,,,,,,,,, i know it cuz i am Asian teen

He likes both green and blue. But he likes brown eyes best.

He Loves Beautiful Blue Eyes Because They look like the Ocean ..

that's how nat like his girls because he is picky

They have said to like girls with light brown hair and blue eyes!!

yes they can, theres a lot of latin girls that are blonde and have blue eyes like in mexico and cuba

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