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No tha rapper plies does not worship the devil....besides go on tha website it's says Rihanna, Jay Z, beyonce',Lady Gaga, lil wayne,bird man,and sum moe rapper plies not a devil worshipper sorry!

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In a sense, Yes. All his ideas and theories revolve around guns, sex, money, drugs, robbery, murder. Though he's not the first to raise to the top using these concepts, Triple 6 mafia's Juicy j & DJ Paul have used these themes since early 1991 and have gained fame through spreading these same themes in catchy hyphy beats. Yes, Waka will say no to worship any deity but the path he chose to run down is not a righteous and holy one.

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No. Rappers and other singers work hard.

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Q: Do most of the rappers and singers worship the devil?
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Is Gucci Mane a devil worshiper?

Most Of The Media Rappers Worship The Devil But Its Not Official That Gucci Does Even Though Symbolically he Fits The Profile.. Example Rain Of Money On His Videos.

Do the fray worship the devil?

The fray do not worship the devil if you listen most of their songs have God in it and not in a bad way at all.

Do Beyonce woship the devil?

she does not but most people say if u worship a devil u are a devil

What celbrities worship the devil?

None, most likely.

Is illimanati bad?

yes because it is a group of people who worship the devil and you sell your soul to the devil and kill the one you love the most

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Most definatly not, they do not advocate devil worship or any other satanic practices.

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It's difficult to determine the exact number of people who worship the devil as beliefs and practices vary widely. Devil worship, also known as Satanism, is a fringe practice and is not widely followed compared to mainstream religious beliefs. Most people adhere to mainstream religions or are non-religious.

Are most rappers bloods or crips?

It's about equal with rappers claiming Blood and Crip.

Are most rappers Illuminati?


Who are the most famous rappers?


Is Halloween bad for christians?

Some see it as promoting unchristian principles, such as devil worship. Most Christians simply ignore that aspect of it and have fun.

How do rappers get there insperation?

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