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As a general rule they are not lieing. There is the flattery of knowing someone finds them attractive and interesting. Meeting their friends and being shown off, going new places etc. These things are exciting and make that person happy. However that all starts to change when the "new" starts wearing off the relationship. Unless they do something totally stupid and get married before they actually know the other person well enough, they usually find that their "new" 'other is not as wonderful as they thaught at the first.

2006-09-01 22:30:07
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Are you jealous of Gia Mantengna for dating Mitchel Musso?

I am not jealous, and I wish them both every happiness.

Is Katherine jealous of Elena?

- Yes, Katherine is jealous of the relationship Elena and Stefan have.

Why is it because you want to be jealous or do you need to control you or do you need to control her?

Do you 'want' to be jealous, or 'are' you jealous? If you 'want' to be jealous you need to change your ways, learn to not be jealous; it's called trust. If you 'are' jealous then you need to leave the relationship. Trust is one of the most important ingredients in a relationship and if there is little of it, 'it' is not worth it. Good luck!

How do i get a girl out of her current relationship?

make her jealous

What are the pressures of a relationship?

To be perfect, being jealous

What makes a person jealous in their relationship?

You crushed on him/her.

Why in a relationship the mates are always looking for things to end the relationship?

Because They Are Jealous Of You

Is Vanessa Hudgens jealous of Zac Efron's relationship?

No vanessa is not jealous of zac because she is his baby girl

Are Libras and Geminis compatible signs?

This is generally a match that yields harmony and happiness. Both of these signs love fun and freedom, and since neither is jealous or combative they won't tend to tie each other down. Together, these two work in energetic creative spurts but allow for time out to socialize and have fun. The relationship should prove stimulating, peaceful and successful.

Why was Anne so jealous with her sister's relationship with her?

her sister was older

Why can't I change my relationship status on Facebook?

Facebook is jealous.

What do you do when the person you are dating gets jealous?

Jealousy is a worthless emotion. If the person you are dating gets jealous, then it may not be a healthy relationship.

Scorpio flirting while in a relationship?

It's NOT unusual, but they'll get jealous is they see YOU flirting while in a relationship with them!

Why would people get on somebody relationship?

people that are wanting to date your boyfriend or girlfriend are jealous of the relationship that your in and they want to be you .

Why are your girlfriends jealous of your new boyfriend?

Well, if you're referring to girlfriends as you being a girl and your friends that are girls, then its probably because if you're happy, or seem happy, then they're probably not and are jealous of that new relationship of yours. It maybe be because of that happiness, or how your new boyfriend looks, or some other hidden reason. It could be also they're just plain jealous for no reason, and if they are, or are jealous because of some stupid reason, unlesss you have a good longstanding relationship with them, then you need to drop them as a friend probably. Now, if you're a guy and your girlfriend(s) are jealous of your new boyfriend, then you need to sit her down and tell her something important and something she has the right to know. ;)

Is being jealous healthy in a relationship?

Being Jealous is OK but sometimes it out of hand and then there's noway to fix it! -_- trust me its real it healthy being jealous in a relationship because it a sign that your partner is doing something behind your back if you think this is going out find out evidence first!!

What happens to the kogat loves kagome?

inuyasha get jealous

What if your husband is jealous of your relationship with your grown children?

Ignore it until it persists.

Did Peeta hate Gale?

No, but he was jealous that Gale and Katniss had a close relationship

Your still sleeping with your ex even though your in a relationship?

It is safer to have just one relationship at a time. People get jealous.

Is john cena jealouse of Stacey and randys relationship?

John Cena is not Jealous because he is married but has no kids get so na who would be jealous..

Can a boy be jealous of a girl?

Yes. Especially if the girl broke up with him and is in a new relationship. A lot of times the guy gets extremely jealous.

Who was jealous of Anne Frank's meetings with Peter?

Peter's mother, Auguste van Pels was somewhat jealous of Anne and Peter's close relationship.

Can jealously lead to abuse in a relationship?

Yes, by being jealous in a relationship can lead by abuse or can destroy your relationship it can make you suspicious and you will do anything just to guard her/him.

Why does Grendel attack in Heorot?

He is upset at the Dane's happiness. It angers him that while they are happy, he is not. He also attacks because he is hungry and thinks of them as a "food supply" and wants revenge because he is jealous of their laughter and happiness.