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Temporary fix is to get a cream that removes the hair painlessly for a couple of weeks at a time, you can find it in any cosmetics section of the store (large stores like Walmart, Target, etc). Permanant fix is to get laser treatment on the hair. A helpful link when deciding which is best:

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Q: Do most women get facial hair after menopause and how can you control it or get rid of it?
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What causes facial hair in women?

Rising testosterone levels. Especially in women who are goign through menopause.

Can women grow beards?

Yes, women can grow beards. Some women grow beards after they have went through menopause. There are facial creams to help eliminate facial hair on women.

Does birth control make you grow facial hair?

no, the birth control pill contains hormones which prevent hair growth in women.

Why don't women have no facial hair?

Their "Skin Cells" aren't developed to have facial har, only few girls have facial hair! 0.00005/10000 women have facial hair

Facial hair in women?

All humans have facial hair. It is generally more pronounced in males than women, but this is not always the case.

Do women like a man with facial hair?

sometimes girls likes a man with facial hair.

Does saw palmetto reduce facial hair in women?

yes it does reduce facial hair and it stops hair from growing on your crouch.

Can flaxseed oil cause facial hair?

Does flaxseed cause women to develop facial hair Lav

Should women remove facial hair?

There are no medical dangers if a woman does not remove facial hair, that being said, it is not a necessity.

Why in girls face hair is not come?

Because it is testosterone that makes facial hair grow in men and although women do have testosterone it is at a much lower level than in men that is why women do not have facial hair.

Why do some women have facial hair?

All women have facial hair but for some, it is coarse rather than fine and excessive. This is because they have a high ratio of male androgens in their bodies than other women, and this causes the excessive growth of facial hairs.

Can you wax facial hair?

Yes, facial hair can be waxed. Usually women would do this. If you are a man, it's much easier to shave.

Why women don't have beard?

Too little testosterone and the higher level of estrogen. As a woman reaches and passes through menopause, estrogen levels decrease and that's why one may see older women with small amounts of facial hair.

Do women like facial hair?

yes , at least most of them do

What does a family doctor recommend for women with facial hair?


Do young women who smoke weed grow facial hair?


Do women get facial hair?

Yes, it is a condition called 'Hirsutism'

What is womens facial hair called?

when women dont wax their upper lip they get a tiny, miniscule bit of facial hair called a ronny

Are most women attracted to facial hair?

Yes growing facial hair is in one of the top 10 things guys can do to attract a woman

Can women grow facial hair?

Most older women begin to develop a stray facial hair along the chin. Also, with some endrocrine disorders, women can develop more facial hair. Circuses in the last century often featured "The Bearded Lady" among other persons with "odd" medical conditions.

Why do men have facial hair?

Both men and women may have facial hair, however men tend to grow more as they produce more testosterone.

What are some facial hair removal products?

Facial hair removal products for men usually entail a razor and shaving foam or gel. Facial hair removal products for women include Veet waxing strips, Nair facial hair removing cream and Olay smooth finish facial hair remover. Women may shave also but this is not generally recommended because the hair may grow back in a more noticeable manner. Bleach is also an option to those women who do not wish to remove the hair and just want to make it less noticeable.

Are women allowed to remove facial hair?

Yeah there allowed too.

Why do some women grow facial hair?

male hormone is more

Can an emjoi be used for hair removal for women?

Women can effectively use emjoi for removing unwanted hair. The emjoi may be used for facial hair as well as body hair.