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I wouldn't say they would be repulsed, but find it very odd. Some women can handle it while others can't. Because a man crossdresses it doesn't always mean he's gay and many times people can get this confused. If you meet someone special, before things get on the serious side please let them know what your "fetish" is. We all have one!

AnswerWho cares if some think it's repulsive? I have been dressing for years and most women are interested once they find out. I think that the way some women take care of their appearance can be repulsive. Like outfits that don't match, clothes that don't fit, and they way some of them wear stupid mens shorts and sweat pants when the are relaxing to going to bed. What is really bad is going out on the town all dressed up looking pretty and sexy and then finding out that their underwear under the oufit is either old, dirty, has holes, or doesnt match! That's so gross. AnswerNo they don't. Most women find it interesting and appealing. Most women don't want to date a gay man, and some don't understand the difference. Things women find repulsive are lying, cheating, poor hygiene, bad breath, rude behaviour, etc. Dressing up is fun and exciting...enjoy your edge! AnswerMost women are unable to understand (then again most CDs are unable to understand themselves) and confuse Crossdressing with gay or transsexual. Since most people want to interpret The Bible to match their beliefs, they read the Old Testament to say 'crossdressing is evil' if you look closer - it's about responsibility and war, not if you wear silk underwear. So if they are used to 'traditional' life and 'traditional' relationships, they generally won't like it. There are a few good women who just go "oh it's just clothes" don't expect to meet many of them.

A Different Point of View. I consider myself sexually liberated , however I have always felt cross-dressing was more indicative of schizophrenic tendencies than sexual expression, wth the exception of people that are transitioning into being fully transgendered.

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Q: Do most women think men who crossdress are repulsive?
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