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Moths eat grass and leaves or any plant.

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Can Moths Eat Leaves?

yes moths can eat leaves

What do miller moths eat?

other bugs,leaves,grass,and dry skin

What do moths like to eat?

I think they eat *grass *leaves *milk it took us a while to figure this out :) but they also drink water!

What do silkworm moths eat?

They Eat Mulberry Leaves.

What kinds of insects eat grass?

Many insects eat grass and other vegetation. Insects including caterpillars and other larva eat tiny pieces of grass and leaves because they can not open their moths up large enough to eat anything else.

Do silkworm moths eat?

Yes, they usually eat types of leaves from trees, try experimenting with different kinds The silk worm larvae eat mulberry leaves but the moths like most moths eat nothing at all. Some moths will drink nectar.

What do moths eat drink?

they eat leaves and drink nectar.

What stage do moths eat at?

Moths eat at all stages of their lives. Once they hatch from their egg, they will eat on the plant leaves where they were laid.

Do tiger moths eat grass?

The adult moths do not have functioning mandibles, so they do not eat anything. The larvae of some tiger moth species are grass-feeders, but most feed on plantains.

Does a deer eat grass?

Yes deer do eat grass and leaves.

What do gypsy moths eat?

Gypsy Moths as caterpillars will eat almost any kind of tree leaves and branches, but they prefer that of the Oak or Aspen tress. Adult Gypsy Moths do not eat anything.

What do tiger moths as an adult eat?

trees and leaves foilage

Do worms eat grass or leaves?

Earthworms eat decaying matter from animals or plants, including grass and leaves.

What do silk moths eat and drink?

They eat mulberry leaves and drink water or dew.

How does caterpillar eat?

Caterpillars are the larval form of butterflies and moths and eat leaves voraciously.

Do inchworms live near leaves?

Inchworms are the larvae of moths. They eat leaves of trees in the spring.

Do deer's eat grass?

They do eat grass. Although though they much rather eat leaves

Do koalas eat grass?

No. Koalas eat eucalyptus leaves and, occasionally, flowers. They do not eat grass.

What do gyspy moths eat?

mostly tree docile and archer leaves

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