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Both, it helps by lowering the cost of money we spent on the product, but it gives people in other countries the jobs that we need.

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Q: Do multinational corporations help or hurt?
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When was Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations created?

Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations was created in 1973.

What are the 50 of the largest multinational corporations in the world?

Check out the related link for a list of the largest multinational corporations.

Which country features the most multinational corporations?

The United States of America features the most multinational corporations.

How can you use the word multinational corporation?

My father works for a multinational corporation. McDonald's is a multinational corporation. Multinational corporations are bad for society. The features of most multinational corporations include a lack of concern for employees.

Names of multinational corporations in Ghana?


Why do terrorist often oppose multinational corporations?

The corporations have influence on foreign governments. :)

What are the characteristics of multinational corporations?

Multinational corporations deal in foreign investments. They are also enterprises and may have facilities in mines, oil refineries, and distribution.

What are the benefits of multinational corporations?

Multinational corporations have the benefit of reaching a larger target audience. They can also utilize many resources of the host company.

Why do multinational corporations have their manufacturing plants in developing countries?

Multinational corporations have their manufacturing plants in developing countries because of low labor costs.

What is the difference between multinational companies and multinational corporations?

well i also don't know?

What are the types of MNC?

It is a corporation/business entity/enterprise that manages production establishments or delivers services in at least two countries. There are three types of MNCs. They are: Horizontally integrated multinational corporations. Vertically integrated multinational corporations. Diversified multinational corporations.

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