Do narcissists believe in God if so how can that be reconciled by them since they are God?

narcissists don't necessarily believe they are God. they are self centered and feel superior to other people and feel they should get more attention but it doesn't mean that they think they are God. If god is absolute, then we as god's creation are also gods. No contradiction. Yes there is one now, Hosea 11:9 says, "God is not man" how can you contradict what God say? He is the "Holy One" Why do thesse narcissists claim to be God, our Lord Jesus Christ did not nor ever claimed he was God, John 8:40 says, "I am a man" according to our Lord Jesus Christ, but at same time, he is also our mediator to God. That was his purpose, to die for us, because we are all sentenced to die in the lake of fire, but since God is so loving to us, He sent His only begotten son to take our place in death. But to enjoy this God's gift, we must believe in him, our Lord Jesus Christ. In believing our Lord Jesus Christ, we must obey Him and all His commandments, one of His commandment we first need to obey is to "enter" in His "body" as commanded in John 10:9 "Enter in me and ye shall be saved", entering his body is to enter his church or in other words become a part of his body. Join his church to learn of His teaching and commandments. Yo don't want to, then you'l be sorry for Ephesians 5:23 says he(Christ ) is the savior of the "body", the body is the church, what don't you understand? Christ will save his church on which the one he established or build upon a rock. But Peter was not the rock, our Lord Jesus Christ was only making an example of Peter's body. Christ was the rock..that was why our Lord Jesus Christ said, "But to them that are without(faith), all things are done in parables(just stories)" Even if you study the whole Bible, the apostles say, "Ever learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth" What don't you understand in being a true christian, you must follow and obey our Lord Jesus Christ, no questions asked. Not do what you want, or you have the right to your own opinion, that is unethincal to Christ. You want to be saved from the lake of fire, then obey His teachings. "It's hot down there" How can you be sure you're not going down there>? God says "All have sin" therefore "all must die" or receive eternal punishment. You don't want to join the church of christ, it's your butt that'll burn in the lake of fire. Imagine, just a burn from a cigarrette, you're yelling your head off, how much more your whole being burn in that lake where you'll be doing the backstroke non-stop forever. Judgement day is at hand, better hurry, the gates of heaven is being closed now, run while you still can, when it is closed. No can enter, sorry, and who you gonna blame? God? You've had your chance, you don't wanat to listen, you're so stubburn, you always say "Oh I'm busy" no time for God right now" On that day, God will say "Oh I'm busy, I've no time to save you, sorry" "Im busy with other customers(christians) go jump in the lake(of fire)" Coz that's where the rest of the world is, the murderers, whoremongers, sexually immorals(gay people), the false prophets, like david coresh and his staff..., the mormons, yeah it's true, they have multiple wives which God forbids to do because it is immorall. I don't know what else to tell you but you must come and listen to the teaching of the Church of Christ. Or the Iglesia ni Cristo churh.