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from what i heard a good psy narcissits turn everything onto themselves. i think they may become sick like anyone. but i think the pleasure of self-love keeps them going very well.

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Q: Do narcissists have hallucinations from time to time or might they lie and say they do?
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Do narcissists tend to be racists as well?

Narcissists hate everyone equally whatever the colour, even themselves deep down which is why they feel the need to lie about their thoughts and cover up their wrongdoings.

Are all narcissists deceptive?

no. while some narcissists lie directly others will frequently lie by telling the truth and a few pride themselves on honesty. What defines a narcissist is not a habit of lying it's a desire to be perfect or at least better than anyone else while many, like me, enjoy playing mind games with other people not all narcissists do. ---------- Striving for perfection doesn't make you a narcissist. To portray you're perfect is a trait not a disorder. Dishonesty an deceit is the very nature of narcissism, they lie and deceive themselves all the time, by extension to others ----------------------------------------------

What is the difference between a pathological liar and a narcissistic person?

Since narcissists are typically very dishonest, there may be little difference observed between pathological liars and narcissists, but there is a difference in the way they think. A pathological liar has a compulsion to lie, and will often lie even when there is no personal gain that can be obtained from that particular lie, although such a person will most definitely also lie for reasons of gaining personal advantage. A narcissist is a person who loves himself or herself to the exclusion of all others, and believes that only he or she has any importance. Other people have meaning only to the extent that they can be used to serve the needs of the narcissist. It is a very nasty kind of personality disorder, which we might succinctly describe as absolute selfishness.

How do you know girl doing frist time sex?

There is no safe way to know it. For example, you might ask her, but she might lie about it.

Do narcissists lie?

Simple answer: yes; they lie a lot because they see nothing wrong with literally living within their own world and, if you don't indulge them by going along with their ridiculous lies, then they won't have a problem pushing you out of their lives.

Do Scorpios lie?

They might lie to protect their privacy.

What to do if asked to lie to auto finance company by the dealership?

Do not lie. If you lie you might get the loan. If you do not lie, you most likely will not get the loan.

What happens if you lie to get in WWE?

depends if you lie on age you might get suspended or if you say you are 40 and you say your 25 you might get released or if you used steroids and you lie you will definetly get fired

Does eBay lie?

Ebay doesn't lie.The customers might do.

Do men lie about fear?

some men lie to say they love you but they also lie because they might care

Why do you think people might lie about who they are online?

I think people might lie who they are online to be friends with you and to tell all your personal information.

How do you break up with a narcissist who lies and denys everything?

That's what most narcissists do so well ... lie and deny and have feelings of self importance and have no moral standards. It's all about them. If there is a door where you are all you have to do is walk through it and not look back and that's a good suggestion. Narcissists do not change and will only become worse.

Why would a person lie to another?

There are numerous reasons why one might lie to another. One reason why one may lie to another is to spare the other person's feeling. One may also lie to avoid conflict or an argument. One might lie to manipulate another person.

My horse is?

She might just have fancied a lie down! She won't die of having a lie down...

Lunesta and alcohol?

A BIG NO! As soon as you feel yourself starting to relax from Lunesta you should lie down. If you fight it, or drink with it , it will not only cause you not to sleep but can impair your judgement and cause hallucinations.

Is lieing part alcoholic?

It is very common for alcoholics to lie. They might lie to preserve their addiction or to avoid facing reality. They might be in denial or not want to be confronted with their problem. They might feel ashamed of their problem, as well.

A girl says she cant give out her number because of parents that's a lie how do you know when you can get it?

It might not be a lie.

Is Zeus nice?

no because he might be a lie

Can a ghost lie to you?

Yes A Ghost Can Lie To You All The Time !!!!!!!!!!

What are some reasons you have to lie for?

There are many reasons why someone might lie. To get out of trouble, to avoid something unpleasant (such as an outing with someone you don't like) or to make themselves sound impressive (also called bragging.) A lie can also be told to keep someone's feelings from being hurt. A lie that is seemingly unimportant and carries little weight is know as a "white lie". In extreme situations, someone might tell a lie to save their life.

Where can you get an interview from a narcissist?

Sam Vaknin is a self proclaimed narcissist, and a regular guest on many of the support forums rearding narcissism, and actually even runs a few websites of his own, where he makes himself available to answer questions. The other posters are absolutely correct though, in saying that typically, narcissists are not self aware enough to realize they have a problem, and even if they have an inkling, the self defense mechanisms make it impossible for them to discuss it honestly. If you're looking for realistic information pertaining to narcissists, your best bet would to to interview people who have spent considerable time in close proximity to them, such as children or spouses. They are the true experts on narcissism, having witnessed it up close and personal for a prolonged period of time. Narcissism can only be recognized to it's full extent by witnessing patterns over long periods of time. == == == == OMG. You're kidding, right? Narcissists don't admit they have a problem. That's PART of the problem. You could try to find a Narcissist support group online and see if there are any Narcissists hanging out there. ~ T I know where you can get one, I just don't know WHY you would want to get one. Virtually everything they tell you about themselves is going to be skewed and distorted if not an outright lie. Narcissists are no good source of information about anything. Talk to a psychologist if you are interested in knowing about narcissists. It's also safer than talking to one of these people and taking the risk of getting hoodwinked.

Who lies for you will lie against you?

This is a Bosnian proverb that means that if someone will lie for you, it means that they are a liar through and through and might lie again at some point, perhaps not in your favor.

Why does every one think you lie?

because if you are only who does lie all the time and never admit to the things you have done than yes they are going to think you lie all the time

Is Zeus still nice?

no because he might be a lie

What happens when narcissists go broke?

Narcissists will marry as many people as possible. The relationships wont last long as they are out for what they can get. They will see themselves as entitled to joint distribution of assets and move onto the next victim before the ink is dry on their divorce papers. They will lie about their past and previous relationships/marriages/divorces and in no time they will always have funds. That is what my husband's ex-wife did. She had 8 marriage/divorces under her belt and is still going strong. The longest a marriage lasted was 7 months and she is living very well (financially).