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Do narcissists honestly believe they are sensitive and emotional human beings?



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That depends on the individual. In general, we all believe that we are justified in whatever actions we take. Narcissists believe that they are "OK", and that if there is a problem, it must be yours. But then, don't we all?


Narcissists don't do anything for others unless there is a good reason for them to do it..mainly if it is of benefit to themselves. They will put forth effort to give, be sensitive and emotionally present if there is something in it for them to gain. If it makes them look better, or gives them an in-road to something they want, those qualities (used only in a well-thought out situation) will be presented. Most mentally healthy people have empathy for others and want to do for others regardless of the outcome, to some degree perhaps others ARE a bit selfish, but for the most part, people want to help and be of comfort. The N wants to achieve something, and will pitch a fit or complain and whine if it goes unnoticed.On a more upbeat note, everyone have a good day and stay away from selfish people!Peace...mbme