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unless you're using stick ons, much like the stick on earrings little girls like to wear, then yes. the only way to make sure the "naval jewels" stay on is if you're pierced.

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โˆ™ 2005-11-02 21:22:55
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Q: Do navel jewels require a belly button piercing?
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What is the meaning of a belly piercing?

A belly piercing is a piercing on the belly button. Where your belly button might go in or out, it is the slight arch you get just above it. it is a piercing through that area. depending on how your belly button is formed. Search google for images.

When will pain of belly button piercing subside?

The pain of the belly button piercing should subside after a week.

What is a belly button bar?

Its the jewelry that goes into a belly button piercing.

Can you have a belly button piercing if your belly button is an outtie?

Yes you still can.

What is a belly button ring?

A belly button ring is a body piercing placed in a cauterized area of the belly button.

Does getting your belly button pierced hurt more or less than getting your ears pierced?

Your belly button piercing hurts more then a normal ear piercing your belly button piercing is more sensitive then a ear. :]

What piercing hurts more a lip or belly button?

A lip piercing hurts more than a belly button piercing, but neither hurt much at all. Getting your lip feels like you accidentally bit it haha and you can barely feel a belly button piercing.

Does Bill Kaulitz have a septum piercing or a belly button piercing. I saw pictures somewhere but don't remember where?

Bill has a setum piercing but there are rumors about a belly button one.

Does Kesha have a belly button ring or a tattoo?

Yes Kesha does have a belly button piercing..

What is a BB piercing?

Belly button.

Where can you get a belly button piercing?

You can can get your belly pierced at a shop where they get them done

Does Katy Perry have a belly button piercing?

No katy perry does not have a belly Button piercing I have seen a pic of her in a bikini so no she doesn't have one

How much a belly button piercing cost?

In the UK a bellч button piercing is 25 pound.

What hurts more belly button piercing or nose piercing?

The nose typically hurts more because the piercing goes through the cartilage. The belly button piercing is just through a flab of skin.

Can you not have babies by piercing your belly button?

Piercing your belly bottom has nothing to do with having a child and it does not affect the process.

What to do if belly button piercing is hurting?

because your belly is too flobby

Is belly button piercing hot?

no it is dangerous

Does miley have a belly button piercing?

She sure does.

Does Miley Cryus have a belly button piercing?

== ==

Does Taylor swift have a belly button piercing?


What is a navel peircing?

belly button piercing !

How do you do a belly button piercing by yourself?

you cant,

Will belly button piercing effect your period?


Belly button piercing?

A belly button piercing,or naval piercing,is basically a piercing on the belly button. It can take about 4 to 6 months to heal after getting pierced. The legal age to get one depends on what state you live in. Most naval piercings are done in tattoo parlors or places that specialize in body piercings.

What are the odds of a belly button piercing getting infected?

There are no specific odds of getting your belly button piercing infected. The odds of getting your belly button piercing infected go way down if you wait until the piercing is healed before you go swimming. It is important it does get infected that you see medical treatment immediately.

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