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Do oregonians have to pay sales tax in other states?


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Answer 1Sales taxes are levied under the laws of the state where the sale occurs.

The state requires the seller to charge the tax, and as the sale occurs at the sellers location, the tax is due regardless of where the buyer resides.

Depending on the state, and its laws, sales taxes are waived on a sale of an item which will be resold by the buyer, IF the buyer has a sales tax permit and will be collecting and paying sales tax proceeds to a state taxing authority.

This is my experience. I have lived in Oregon the majority of my life, with some time in Alaska, Washington, Texas, Illinois, and Virginia. The ONLY state I have ever had sales tax waived was in stores in Washington. If you are buying a non-consumable product, like a TV, CD, clothing, or such, you can show your Oregon ID without paying tax. If you eat there (restaurant) or have a service done, you pay tax, whether you live there or not. When I lived in other states, like Alaska and Illinois, I let it be known I was from out of state, but I always had to pay sales tax. So given this, if you are in a store outside Oregon, not counting the Washington exception, you will more than likely pay sales tax. It never hurts ask for a waiver, but they don't have to.


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Sales tax on cars is different that with other items. The tax depends on where the car is registered. Therefore, an Oregonian can buy a car free of sales tax, as long as they will be registering the vehicle in Oregon.

The States which do not pay sales tax are Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire and Oregon. These are the only States that you do not have to pay sales tax.

If you plan on registering the vehicle in OR, then no. You will be issued a "trip permit," which acts as temporary registration until you return to OR.

In some states you do have to pay the sales tax on the purchase of a used mobile home.

Yes, in many states, such as Minnesota, you have to pay sales tax on the delivery if you're paying sales tax on the item.

Yes, that's the answer for any states with sales tax except for Washington they aremore lenient and will most likely not make you pay sales tax.

If you live and register the car in Illinois then you will pay the Illinois car dealer for the sales tax. If you live in a different state than where you bought the car the dealer might collect the sales tax if the two states have a cooperative agreement. If the states do not have an agreement you will pay the sales tax when your register the car.

Several states have no sales tax. Among them are Oregon and New Hampshire.

In Minneapolis, Minnesota there is a 0.5% sales tax. But there is NO sales tax in Delaware

yes. you must pay your home states sales tax no matter where you buy the vehicle. however you will NOT have to pay sales tax in the state you buy the vehicle, but they may (or may not) have a fee for out of state purchasers.

I am a car salesman. In some states you do and some you dont it simply depends on what state you are located in. if you wish you can contact me via email and i will find out not only what the sales tax is or even if you have to pay it based on the state and county you are in. In Mass. yes-when you register, don't know about other states

Not really a sales tax. But you will pay property taxes to the city, county and some states every year.

Depends on the state. Some states charge sales tax on services, and some do not.

You may have to pay a sales tax when you register the vehicle at your states local DMV.

In general a company buying items for resale or use in the manufacture of another product or service does not pay sales tax.If your question was do you pay sales tax on a moving companies services it depends on the state. Some states tax some services and not others, some states don't charge sales tax on any services. In some cases there are federal sales taxes called "Excise taxes" or fees charged on services.

No, the buyer does, sales tax in some States

I don't think so, you pay the sales tax when you register the car. So you would only pay once, unless you registered it in both states.

Not necessarily but some states require you do so. My son moved to NC with a free car and had to pay sales tax.

Yes. Tennessee levies a use tax (at the same rate as the state sales tax) on large purchases from other states. You can arrange to have the dealer compute your tax and wrap it into the purchase price or you can pay the tax separately in Tennessee.

There is no particular website that eliminates sales tax. In most states sales tax is not charged if it is shipped into the state and the retailer doesn't have a store in the state. A few states are different.

states vary, kansas for instance, in a total loss incident, will pay the owner direct the sales tax....missouri issues a ''sales tax affidavit'' that is good for six months....and the amount is NOT for the ''replacement car'' but the acv (actual cash value) of the totaled vehicle.....

In Canada you certainly do. I would bet you do in most states of the USA.

It varies per state. In most states, yes.

How much sales tax do you pay on a used $22,000 vehicle? How much sales tax do you pay on a used $22,000 vehicle?

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