Do parasites live in human eyes?

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July 15, 2009 3:28AM

: Yes parasites can live in your eyes. They reach there by our blood. Depending on the type of parasite it is, it can actually eat your eyeball, leaving you with one eye only- or no eyes if they eat both. They can also live in the brain, liver,heart etc. The most dangerous place for a parasite to live is in your brain- it causes death most of the times. Here go to that's monsters inside me, and they teach all about the parasites. They are also in our drinking water, so make sure you have a good filter. They can also come to our bodies from the air we breathe in. They also rob us from our energy and food we eat, so sometimes they get all the goods and our bodies are left with their toxic wastes. When you go to click on the "watch monsters inside me videos" something like that and click on "Parasites Invade Eyeball". : Here are a few links of good information about parasites: : : (really good) : : : (really good) : :