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No not all the time, sometimes children have to experience things on their own.
Not always, sometimes the child has to learn the hard way.

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Q: Do parents know whats best for their children?
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Are Parents always know what is the best for their children?


Do parents always know what's best for their children?

No, but many parents have that belief. Parents are human beings, and they make mistakes, too.

What are ways parents parents can prepare their children for parenthood?

if you have other children it would be better because you can show them the way you know is best that will prepare theem

Why do the children not question their parents regarding grandparents aunts uncles and cousins?

Because they are young. They know their place in this world and they know that their parents know best. Too simple.

What would you do if your friend have planned a party and your parents don't allow you to go you would?

no,because why would you defly your parents when most of the time they know whats best foy and they love you and only wants the best for you,plus they have your best interest at heart.

What is a parental consent?

to me parental consent is letting your parents know whats going on

Are parents mean?

Some parents are, in fact, cruel to their children. However, most parents have their children's best interests in mind. While they may do things that the child doesn't like, the parents do it because they know it will benefit the child in some way.

Do parents have the right to have a say in whom their children marry?

Yes, parents have the right to say in whom their children marry.Parents have the right to say whom their children marry because parents know what is best for their children.They have the past experience of marriage and they know who they should marry as they know their likes and dislikes and what their consequences may be.The children may be underage and the parents have the right to stop them and guide them, by teaching them the right things. The children might not know what is the real meaning of marriage and what marriage is for.No, parents do not have the right to have a say in whom their children marry.Children should make their own decisions.Forcing the children may cause them to have an unhappy marriage.The children must be independent and choose who they want to marry.Neutral.Parents may have already arranged an arranged marriage and the children might decline.Children may choose who they want to marry but the parents may decline.Both the children and the parents may choose who the children marry.

Do illegitimate adult children have the right to know who their biological parents are?

Illegitimate children as opposed to adopted children, should be able to determine who their parents are.

Whats a good way to let your parents know you listen to eminem and his raps have swearing in them?

To let your parents know that you listen to Eninem, listen to his music whenever they are around.

What are the conclusions in teenage pregnancy?

Teen pregnancy is a rising occurance in many lives, I myself have a baby girl on the way. When you find out its devestating but in months to come of your baby girl or boy to be delivered your life changes. You grow up, I'm not saying every case but in my case I have learned alot. Fortunatly my parents are supportive, but when it comes to it, if your ready to have sex you better to be able to raise a child. When people try to decide your fate or try to tell you otherwise of what you want it gets complicated. Your body knows you well enough and if there is any doubt if your suitable to have a child your body will tell you so. Your parents, even though they are your parents dont know whats best for you, they know whats best for them. As they know whats best for them, and they should learn that by now. I wish all the futrue moms luck and remember you know whats best for you.

Do adopted children have the right to know their biological parents are?


Do children have a right to privacy from their parents?

Yes and no. Yes because children need their own private space away from their parents. And no because their parents need to know what their children are getting up to in their room.

Who should you check with before you download anything?

Your parents, they should always know whats going on online.

What happens when kids don't live up to their parents expectations?

Disaster happens. The parents get disappointed and the kids go down the wrong way. That's why sometimes you should listen to your parents because lo and behold maybe they know what they're doing and whats best for you......believe it or not but your parents can know you better than anybody else even yourself.

Why do parents know best?

Because they have been alive longer in the world and gave birth to you, though sometimes the parents do not always know best.

Whats the definition of a best friend?

A best friend is a person you know well and regard with affection and trust.

Were children in the Victorian Era able to have servants?

Not that I know of, but their parents definitely were, and they tended to value their children higher than their servants. In effect children had servants through their parents.

Is violent children the parents fault?

i think the parents have a part in the violence that the children have, if the are brought up with violence then they dont know any better

Why should parents be involved in the school community?

Parents need to know what their children are learning, who they are learning from and the different people who are around their children daily.

How can parents help improve their child's perception?

There are many influential things in children's lives, but them knowing it or not, parents are the top influential characters for them. So the most efficient way a parent can help improve their child's perception is TALKING to them. It is very important to make such an atmosphere so that the children feel free and frank with their parents, and hence share with them. If parents know whats on the mind of a child, then the main problem is solved!

How do you trust your parents?

You should trust your parents because they know what's best for you.

Why do parents beat their children?

Because they were born first and they know better

Do the parents know the best in marriage like an arrange marriage?

The parents don't know the best yet arranged marriages were the norm in Asia (India).

How are Federalists and Anti-Federalists alike?

i was wondering the. They believe they know whats best for the people.