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Do people in sudanese refugee camps have jobs?


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November 12, 2007 4:12AM

I haven't been to the Sudanese camps, but in general people in refugee camps don't have jobs, because there isn't any work for them. It's like a giant campground with thousands of people all living there. There isn't any business or industry, so there aren't any jobs. In order to have a business, you need to have a buyer and a seller. If no one has any money (they lost it all when they fled their homes) then you have no buyer. If no one has anything to sell (they lost it when they left their homes) you don't have a seller. So, no business and no jobs. Generally the people in refugee camps are very resourceful. A few will find jobs working for the camp or for the U.N. Others will do odd jobs or try to sell whatever they can find or make. But, in general, one of the problems in a refugee camp is that the people have no jobs and no homes.