Ashley Tisdale

Do people think Ashley Tisdale is a brat?

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Who is prettier Ashely Tisdale or Vanessa Hudgens and why?

=Ashley is prettier!!!...==i like her blondie hair...==jolly,,,.,.,==and most of all i like her character as a brat!! ...,.=

What are Ashley Tisdale character?

well on highschool musical she is a stuck up brat! on sweet life she is a poor sweet smart girl! but everyone wonders what she is like in real life!!!!!!!!

Is Da Brat gay?

i think she is because people say she is

Why attitude is important in your life?

Because attitude determins what people think about you. Say you have a bad attitude people think your mean and a brat. But if you have a good attitude people will think your nice and not selfish. So have a good attitude -Jacob

Who does Zac love Ashley or Vanessa?

Zac luvs Vanessa but if i wur him i would like Ashley cuz vanessa is a stupid 2 faced 3 eyed snobby selfish brat

What was the governor's name in Pocahontas?

Brat Cliff, i think.

How do you spell spoidbrat?

I think you are referring to the spelling of spoiled brat.

Why was Justin Bieber called a 'brat' from the CSI people?

He locked one of the producers in a closet! LOL FUNNY!!!

The BRAT diet includes?

Included in the BRAT diet are bananas, rice, applesauce and toast. It is usually used by people with upset or irritated stomachs.

What do you do when you like your friends boyfriend and you think he likes you?

tell him to stop being a brat

What is 'brat' when translated from English to Italian?

"Brat" in English is monello in Italian.

What was Trey Songz's father's occupation?

I think he was in the military because trey is a military brat

Does Da brat have kids?

Does Da brat have kids.

Why was Christopher Columbus such a brat?

First of all, how was he a brat?

What is the duration of The Brat?

The duration of The Brat is 3600.0 seconds.

What is bubbly babbit brat?

um ok lol I think a spoiled business man If I am wrong I think that I soupsed to be with two T's

What does kozo mean in Japanese?

It means 'brat'. I think it was supposed to be 'kozou', but I'm not so sure.

What did Frederick Douglass think about john brown?

he thought he was a spoiled brat with horrible table manners.

When was Subaru BRAT created?

Subaru BRAT was created in 1978.

How tall is Benjamin Brat?

Benjamin Brat is 178 cm.

How tall is Da Brat?

Da Brat is 5' 5".

What vice lord branch is Da brat?

I've never heard of Da Brat being a Vice Lord, I don't think she claims any gang, I'm pretty sure she's neutral.

Who is the voice in the Charles schwab latest commercial?

I think it's Andrew McCartney from the Brat Pack, mannequin

How do you use a sentence with the word brat?

im sorry if sometimes we brat at you

Why is the Yam a selfish brat?

I'm not so sure why Yam is such a brat... :)