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Do people worship volcanoes?


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October 16, 2011 6:43AM

yes. but only idiots

actually only idiots respond with that nonsense. Yes...Volcano worship has existed since well before the Christian Era and continues in some portions of the world today, by more primitive tribal races. Some have even argued that Moses himself went up on a volcano when he received the 10 Commandments due to the passage stating that the people should stay back from the base of the mountain "...lest they be shot through like a firery arrow or stoned to death..." not to mention the visual effect added by the words. Volcanic lava has been, to some tribes and worshipers, the blood of the Earth. Fire of any sort has always been a bringer of death and rebirth, as seen on the islands of Hawaii. For this reason it has entranced many religions in it's land rejuvenating properties. Gods of many religions were thought to reside upon the mountain tops or on volcanoes, offering their benefits and punishments on their peoples. In the ancient Meso-American cultures volcano worship was a way of appeasing the Gods, primarily in the warm arid months of summer when the grasses and farmlands would have been susceptible to fire damage. All religions were like that with natural disasters. Remember...Science has come a LONG way in the past century or 2. Before that, religion was a way to explain why the earth quaked, thunder boomed, lightning struck, floods inundated alluvial plains, and even volcanoes erupting. We don't live with these superstitions as much anymore due to science. But they both science and religion say the same things. One with a mythical twist to it and the other of pure natural truth. Hope this helps!