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Do plants recycle nutrients?

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yes plants recycle nutrients.

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How do saprophytic bacteria recycle nutrients?

They use the sunlight to recycle nutrients.

How do Terrariums act to recycle nutrients?

They act to recycle nutrients by keeping everything contained in it's environment.

How are fungi beneficial to the ecosystem?

Fungi are the recyclers. They gather on the remains of dead plants and animals are recycle the nutrients back into the ecosystem.

How is bacteria important?

They recycle nutrients

Which organisms recycle nutrients?


What make plant grow faster tap or recycle?

recycle because it has nutrients

What is fungi purpose?

A fungus' purpose is to decompose and recycle nutrients back into soil. It can also cometimes be predatory or work in a symbiotic relationship with plants.

What do herbivores do in an ecosystem?

Herbivore help to recycle the nutrients from the plants,keeping the soil fertile and plants from overcrowding each other,but also because the herbivores provide all the food for the carnivores.

What would happen to plants and animals if decomposers did not recycle nutrients?

After a while, nutrients would not be available for plants to use in growing, because the nutrients would be locked up in non-decaying dead organic matter. I'm not sure which nutrient would become the limiter first. Probably carbon or phosphorus.

How do decomposer help the eosystem recycle nutrients when a tree dies?

The decomposers like fungi break down the organic matter into much smaller pieces so that other plants can use them again as nutrients.

In what ways do plants benefits from animals?

For some quick examples, many plants rely on animals for:PollinationDispersal of seedRecycle useful nutrients back into the soil (through digestion and decomposition)

How do decomposers recycle nutrients?

they eat it then decompose it into soil

How do bacteria recycle earth's nutrients?

by the sunlight and its decomposers

How do plants obtain nutrients?

Plants obtain nutrients by photosynthesis.

How do prokaryotes recycle carbon and make nitrogen available to plants?

Prokaryotes recycle carbon and make nitrogen available to plants

How do fungi help to recycle nutrients?

they decompose dead organisms

How do woodlice recycle?

Through excretion of nutrients back into the soil.

What is the role of saprophytic fungi in food chain?

Recycle nutrients

Sweating is an example of the human body's ability to?

recycle nutrients

How plants get nutrients?

Plants get nutrients from the soil they are in. The nutrients dissolve in the water and are then absorbed from the plant's roots. Plants make food with photosynthesis.

What process allows bacteria to recycle organic nutrients by breaking down dead organisms-?

The decomposition process allows the bacteria to recycle the organic nutrients by breaking down the dead organisms.

How do plants in a desert get nutrients?

Plants in the desert get the nutrients they need from the soil.

Why is it important to recycle nutrients in an ecosystem?

It is important to recycle nutrients in an ecosystem so the depletion of Earth's natural resources can be reduced. To maintain the balance of these nutrients in the system and to ensure that the total amount remains the same can only be achieved through recycling.

Why is the movement of energy and nutrients through living systems different?

energy flows in one direction and nutrients recycle

How does burning cause loss of plants nutrients?

It bursna away the plants nutrients.