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Do plants that have seeds grow and develop faster than plants without seeds?


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Well plants with out seeds are actually man made so they dont make seeds because of that but if they are organic for some plants it might grow faster it just depends on the plant really

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some plants produce seeds that develop inside of what?

Plants which do not have seeds have been engineered to lose the seeds because they are preferred by consumers. Plants without seeds could be due to the fact that the flowers have not been developed. As the fruit matures, seeds will develop. When you plant a potato because there are sprouts coming out of the eyes or nodes, you are able to plant them because the potato is a underground stem. Plants without seeds reproduce asexually using spores, like mosses and ferns; plants with seeds use sexual reproduction with pollination.

they need seeds to develop each plant.

they develop into the seeds of plants

names of plants which do grow from seeds?

the fruit pod or seeds develop from the plants uterus

seedless plants are devloped without fertilisation which is called parthenocarpy or pollination triggers fruit development but the ovules or embryos abort without producing mature seeds.

two types of vascular tissue plants are: plants without seeds and plants with seeds.

true or yes they do fertilization,seeds develop in plant's sepal.

no it does not a plant can reproduce without a seed

In search of a better place to grow and develop.

The happier your monster is, the faster the seeds grow. So if you want to make the seeds grow faster, make your monster happier

some plants have seeds in them and they burp them out and some fruits have seeds in them and if a birds eats the fruit the bird could drop one of the seeds and the seed would then be planted.

yes some plants grow from bulbs

Roses develop rose hips which hold the seeds. These rose hips also have vitamin C and can be used to make a herbal tea.

Cone-bearing plants are called conifers. Though there are plants that have berries (the Yew being one example).

Some plants shoot new growth from their roots.

sure they can reproduce without seeds,example like the bird-nest fern it reproduce by spores.

Seeds form from ovules in the ovary of the plant. In fruit-bearing plants, the fruit develops around the ovule as the fertilized seeds develop. Other plants form seed pods or kernels for the same purpose, which is to enclose the seeds.

as we know that most of the plants grow from seeds but there are many plants that can grow without seeds like sugarcane, potato,,,,, it can be due to sprouting or stem cutting in case of sugarcane, it is due to stem cutting and growing them again .

Without flowers the plant cannot produce fruits.

The two groups of seed-bearing plants are:-gymnosperms and angiosperms.Gymnosperm-are vascular plants that produce seeds on the scales of cones. Angiosperm-flowering plants that develop seeds enclosed in a fruit are called angiosperms.

That is imposible you need seeds to grow plants even though oranges are fruit but you need seeds for them to grow

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