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This depends on what purpose the dog has to you.

Here are the major points that you can base your decisions on -

  • As a family pet?

This depends. As a general rule, mutts will excel in this category far beyond pure-breds. This is because they are mixed - therefore, they don't have any few particular strong drives or behaviors that accompany most pure-breds that are unwanted - such as aggression, high energy, etc. And if they are present, they are usually toned down due to the mix. However, some pure breeds will excel in this category as well as they have been bred to be great in a family setting (golden retrievers, etc)

  • As a working dog?

For this, you may want to select a particular breed that has been bred for whatever job you need - Such as collies for herding, retrievers for retrieving, pointers for hunting, and etc However, if you don't mind spending time finding the right dog, mutts can also excel in this area (usually mutts with breeds of a particular traits/behaviors that you are looking for).

  • As a protection dog?

Again, you may want to select a pure-bred, but most of the guarding potential depends on the individual dog. Pure-breds can be good, but so can mutts.

  • Lifespan?

This depends on the individual dog. A dog that has been well taken care of in its life will live longer than a dog that hasn't However, with mutts you can most usually avoid breed-specific diseases and health problems. Also, remember that larger dogs usually have a shorter lifespan than smaller dogs, due to an increased risk of hip displaysia, heart problems, etc

So much of a dogs potential is INDIVIDUAL. Just because a dog is a pure-bred, doesn't mean that it is going to act like every other dog of the breed - and just because a mutt has two breeds in its heritage, doesn't mean it will act just like those 2 breeds.

Always remember that if you do choose to buy a pure-bred, buy from a reputable breeder that has good ethics, healthy dogs, and high standards for temperment.

Also, remember that when you choose to give a mutt a home, you are almost always saving its life.

2009-10-25 15:16:39
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If you breed 2 different breeds of dogs aren't they mutts?

The puppies are mutts. Not the dogs who breed together. Unless of course their birth parents are mutts, then they are. But if you bred a dog that was pure bred, with a different breed of pure bred, then the puppies would be considered mutts. Not pure bred.Another answer:The offspring of two different purebred dogs are crossbreeds, not mutts. "Mutt," like the word "mongrel," implies a dog of indeterminate breeding; in other words, it's lineage is so mixed you can't tell what it is.

Can rottweiler be bred with a Labrador?

Yes it can, it would just be a mixed breed.

Are mixed breed dogs smarter than pure breed dogs?

No, not necessarily true, but mixed breed dogs do live longer than pure bred dogs

Can you breed a cockerpoo with a toy poodle?

You can't breed a mixed breed and a pure bred. Even though it has poodle in the mix you can't breed them together.

How do you get pure bred labradoodle?

A labradoodle is not a pure bred because it is a mixed breed. If you want a "pure bred" labradoodle, make sure its parents are a poodle and a labrador.

How can you tell if your daschund is pure-bred?

He'll come with papers. Sorry to say but if there is no proof any breed can be mixed in with your dog.

Is there a genetic weakness in shipoo dogs?

Yes. They are mutts, bred from badly bred parents, (no reliable breeder would allow their dogs to be bred to create mutts!!) so they are at high risk of ALL the genetic failings of BOTH breeds

Does a pit bull bloodline have dalmtion in it?

No. Unless it's a mixed breed that has been bred with a dalmation.

Are all show dogs pure bred dogs?

yes..... If they are a mixed breed they can't get into a dogshow.........

Alaskan mixed breeds?

The Alaskan husky is not an official breed but a mixed breed dog that is bred for performance not looks. These dogs are most famous for their part in the Iditarod sled dog race.

What makes pure breed dogs better?

It is mostly personal preference. I like all dogs, but if you are wanting to show your dog it must be pure bred and have papers. I rescue them from shelters so no papers or clue if pure bred or not. I have found mixed dogs seem to have a better temperment

White markings on rottweilers what does it mean?

This usually means the Rottweiler is not pure bred, it is mixed with another breed I just don't know what the breed is.

Are pomeranian husky hypoallergenic?

Pomeranian husky breeds are mix breed dogs. They are not pure bred. This mixed breed of Pomeranian huskies are a breed of hypoallergenic dogs. Another name for this breed of dogs is pomsky.

How do you register a mixed breed dog?

If you mean register, as in license, it's the same for any dog. If you mean breed registry, you can't because the dog is not full bred.

How do you give birth to pure breed howrse?

You breed to pure bred horses of the same breed, for example: breed 2 pure bred Mustangs. (it doesn't have to be Mustangs) and the baby will be a pure bred Mustang(:

Why does mixed breed dogs live longer than pure breed dogs?

That's a stereotype. Pure bred dogs might have a condition or a short life- span while the mixed breed might be a mix of a long life-spanned dog and another dog.

Are dogs better rat catchers than cats?

It depends on the breed. The schipperke is a Belgium dog bred to catch rats on sailing ships. There are other breeds of dog bred specifically for catching vermin or being alert dogs. It differs from breed to breed

What is a designer dog breed?

"Designer breed" is just a fancy name for an intentionally mixed bred dog. They're still considered mutts by kennel clubs and do not breed true. For example, if you breed a cock-a-poo to a cock-a-poo you don't necessarily get something that looks like a cock-a-poo. It might look more like a Cocker Spaniel or Miniature Poodle. You can breed just about any breed of dog to another, especially if they are of similar size. If one parent is significantly larger than the other it may actually kill the mother if she is the smaller of the two. Mixed breeds occur enough by accident without being intentionally bred by people looking for an easy income. Most designer breed dogs are created in puppy mills. So consider rescuing first. Save money and save a life. A mixed breed dog doesn't have to cost thousands of dollars just for a cute name. Cute names are abundant and free.

What is the difference between a rex and a teddy guinea pig?

The difference is genetic. Teddy genetics: tt Rex Genetics: rxrx Realize that guinea pigs purchased from stores are often mixed bred, mis-sexed, and sick. Please do not purchase your guinea pigs or breed them, rather you should adopt. Most guinea pigs are mixed bred so even if they appear like a rex or teddy they are most likely mutts. Breeders only add to the number of homeless animals by carelessly breeding, please adopt.

Can quails be mixed with other quail breeds?

Yes, you can. As they are the same species then they can be bred together. Think of it like dogs- a labrador can be mixed with a poodle, as although they are diffenet breed they are the same SPECIES

Can a stud breed a bred mare?

No. Bred mares are not receptive to the stallion because they are bred, not in heat.

Is a miniature poodle a mixed breed?

No, the miniature poodle is a pedigree breed that was bred from the standard. From each litter of standards, people took the smallest members and bred those together, and repeated this every generation. Because the larger members of the generation were not bred, it meant the genes for larger poodles were slowly bred out of the gene pool, making the average offspring's size smaller each generation.

Can multiple breeds of cats come out of the same litter?

No, this is not possible. However, a cat can give birth to kittens which look more like one breed or another, if she is a mixed-breed or has bred with a different breed tom than herself.

What is the past tense of breed?

The past tense of breed is bred.

Is there such things as mongrels?

A mongrel just means the dog is a mixed breed, and breeds of it's parents are unknown. Knowing a dog's lineage is only necessary if you plan on showing the dog (and even still, these days there are dog shows for mixed breed dogs). Monggrels, or mixed breed dogs are every bit as lovable, loyal and trainable as their pure bred cousins. Mixed breed dogs have an important plus, they're generally healthier than a purebred dog.