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Yes, it's against the law if you don't have your cattle fenced in on your property.

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Q: Do ranchers have to fence in grazing cattle in Montana?
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In the 1800s which of these inventions was known to cattle ranchers as thorny fence?

Barbed Wire

Three things contributed to the end of the open range cattle drives?

Barbed wire fencingRailroadBuilding new stockyards closer to ranch landsIn the last half of the 19th century, ranching extended to the west and more ranchers established their ranches in what was formerly 'open range.'After drought and hard winters caused hardships for both the drivers and the ranchers, combined with overgrazing, ranchers began using barbed wire to fence off their grazing lands and keep the cattle droves out. This was the beginning of the end of the cattle drive era.Then, the railroad came and stockyards were built closer to the major ranches and grazing lands, eliminating the necessity for the large cattle drives that defined the era.

Is Montana a red or blue state?

Montana has a history of being "on-the-fence" when it comes to being a red or blue state. But the majority of the state are conservative, older cattle ranchers whom still have faith in the land, God and family. With this old tradition being passed down even today, Montana is found to be a Red state.

What is range ranching?

Open Range refers back to the time when ranchers did not fence their property. The cattle roamed free with only brands to identify them to a rancher.

How do you use cattle drive in a sentence?

The farmer used the cattle drive method to move his herd from one field to another that had better grazing for his cattle.Answer 2:Since the phrase "cattle drive" is a subject, the sentence would have to use this phrase in a way that it becomes the main subject of that sentence, as such: "The local ranchers sponsored a cattle drive in downtown Calgary on the opening day of the Calgary Stampede."Or:"A cattle drive is an activity where cowboys herd cattle from one pasture or range to another, be it only across the fence or 50 miles away."

What is open range ranching?

Open Range refers back to the time when ranchers did not fence their property. The cattle roamed free with only brands to identify them to a rancher.

What impact did barbed wire have?

The widespread use of barbed wires brought an end to open range grazing, and made possible the settlement of the frontier by small farmers. The wire stopped cattle owners from letting their cattle graze on new farmland, as cattle could not break the wire. Since it was cheap, even small farmers could fence their fields and keep the cattle from grazing on their fields.

Why did the open range come to an end?

To attempt to end fighting over grazing lands. People were also figuring out how to cross fence & graze cattle in the same area as opposed to continously move/range cattle.

Can cattle eating grass be fed to a rabbit?

Yes. If you want a little area just for your rabbits, just fence that area off away from the cattle, but so that only the cattle are excluded out from that area, but your rabbits can move freely from their area into where the cattle are grazing, if that's what you want to try to work with.

Why cattle ranchers plow along pasture fence line?

It's a fire barrier, especially if they're in an area where grass fires occur all the time, whether they're planned or not.

Why was the barbwire fence invented?

So that ranchers could keep them together.

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