Do sharks have any known predators?

  • Humans are known predators of sharks most commonly included in the diets of Asian cultures. i.e. shark fin soup.
  • There are many types of small sharks that are no doubt part of the diet of other predatory animals in the ocean. Also sharks have been observed eating other sharks. The Sharks predators are Dolphins, other sharks and people! But people are the worst.
  • Humans are the worst, but Dolphins will take a full run at a shark and knock the breath out of them with their rostrums(mouth part) and if the the shark is stunned enough and it doesn't breath correctly there are times they will just drift to the bottom of the ocean after a Dolphin attack and die. However, Dolphins will usually only attack if they feel they are threatened, as sharks are predators to Dolphins as well.
  • Orca whales are also shark killers. They are the apex predators of the ocean.