Do shemales ejeculate

Updated: 11/15/2022
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Yes shemales can ejaculate because they have a penis that function's like a guy's penis. Of course they can ejaculate.

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Q: Do shemales ejeculate
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Can girls ejeculate?

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Do women ejeculate?

Yes they do. It does not matter the age of the women. during a high excitement of the body through sexual relations the sex a women will ejeculate

I can not ejeculate?

Try getting girl friend...

How do shemales get erections?

Basically shemales are male, so naturally they will have erection...

Do shemales grow hair on their dick?

Yes shemales have sex with porn stars

Does shemales have eggs?

no they have dicksss

Difference betwenn shemales and females?

Females have a vagina. Shemales are females but instead of a vagina they have a penis. Odd right?

I'm not overly satisfied with the answer to the origination of shemales, are there both naturally born shemales as well as the transgender ones?

Yes, there are both naturally born shemales, who are born with both male and female characteristics, and transgender shemales, who identify as female but were assigned male at birth. Transgender shemales may have gone through hormone therapy, surgery, or other medical treatments to transition to a different gender identity.

You want to know if shemales born bisexual?

Many "shemales" are in the process of changing their sex. Some of them are bisexual; most aren't.

Difference between the number of testes in males and shemales.?

the same, shemales are males that want to be women but really like their penis and balls,

Are shemales cool?

no shemales are not weird, they are males that most of the time would have rather been female but really like their penis

How do you contact Pakistani shemales?

You personally do not contact anyone. People who use offensive terms like 'shemales' should not talk to other people.