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Q: Do shetland sheepdogs get taken care of when born or on their own?
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Who takes care of the zebras when first born?

Zebra's get taken care of by zoologists, if they are born at a zoo.Otherwise, they get taken care by their mother until they are old enough to be on their own.

How are baby coyotes taken care of?

They are taken care of by the mother.

Can a baby survive if it is born at 30 weeks?

Yes, if proper care is taken

Why do kids need parents?

because they need to be taken care of , and how would they be born.

How do you take care of a Clydesdale horse?

Just like any other horse. It doesn't matter if its a Shetland or a Shire. The horse care is the same.

What needs do a shetland pony have?

Shetland ponies have the same need as any other horse would. Basically, they need shelter from the elements, food & water, vet & farrier care, etc.

How do you use taken care of?

'take care of' is a phrasal verb so 'taken care of' is the past participle.example sentences:present perfectI have taken care of your cats while you were in hospital.She has taken care of me since I was a child.My father has taken care of the debt.present continuousI am taking care of my sister because my mother is sick.The telephone company is taking care of the problem

What percent of German shepherds are well taken care of?


Can you keep a shetland pony in a back garden?

It is legal and safe to keep a Shetland pony in your back yard. As long as there is enough space for it to walk around in and you take proper care of it, the pony should be fine.

Why taken care not taken cared?

It is just the convention in English to apply past tense only once. I care, I cared I do care, I did care I took care, I have taken care in all instances the past tense is applied only once, at the first opportunity.

How are chimp babies taken care of?

chimp babies are taken care of their mothers for 8 to 7 years

Where is the offspring for cows at?

Offspring come from a cow's uterus. After they are born they are either taken care of by the cow, or taken away from the cow and bottle-fed in a separate enclosure.

How far do a horse walk in 20 min?

It depends on what kind of horse it is. A quarter horse can run a quarter of a mile in 1 minute. Probably a Shetland could only walk a short distance and it also depends on how the horse is taken care of like if the horse is taken to the farrier regularly and fed and stays in good shape

Why care must be taken to store hydrogen paraoxide in laboratery?

Hydrogen peroxide is a gas that will evaporate if proper care isn't taken.

Can a problem be taken care of?

some times.

How are wolf pups taken care of?


What is the meaning of groomed?

Well taken care of

Do leopard geckos get sick?

If a leopard gecko is not taken care of properly they can get sick and become diagnosed with disease. This can lead to their death if not taken care of.

What can go wrong with the skeletal system if it is not taken care of properly?

Mal-formation of the bones can occur if the skeletal system is not taken care of properly

How does george explain his relationship with Lennie to slim?

George says he knew Lenny's aunt Clara who had taken care of Lenny since he was born and since she has passed he's been taken care of Lenny ever since says Lenny kind of grown on him

Who takes care of orca whales?

well sea worlds have taken care of orcas

Why do children have to be taken into care?

Because the parents are not deemed capable of taking care of them properly.

How is a baby weasel taken care of?

It is tooken care of by its mother then the mother will leave it so it can take care of them selves

What means mental care?

Mental care, is care taken to your mental health, or your brain, your feelings, your thoughts and so on.

If taken care of will grass die?

If taken care of grass will not die. Grass is fairly resilient and needs a lot of abuse or harsh chemicals for it to die.