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No. Just because they are called shorts doesn't mean they make you shorter.

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Q: Do shorts make you look shorter?
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How are boxer shorts and shorts different?

They are different because shorts are longer and boxer shorts are shorter. Boxer shorts look cooler.

How short should shorts be for a tall girl?

I think daisy dukes are a no-no because you might just look lanky, just above the knee might make you look like you couldn't get longer trousers, but I think you could get shorts that are just ON your knee or a bit below, so when you sit down they move up to show your knee. Key to shorts - they make you look shorter!

What type of hair style make my LONGnose shorter?

hairstyle cannot make your nose look shorter

What did soccer look like when it first started?

In the early years of soccer it was the same but the ball was bigger and stronger they wore shorter shorts too.

What color shorts make a man look more skinny?


Will men's shorts get shorter?

There have been signs that more men are wearing shorter shorts. Not short shorts, but I mean shorts that go like 2 or 3 inches above the knee, so maybe. After all they can't get anymore longer without having to be called pants.

How do you make your hair look shorter?

Put it in a ponytail

How can you become shorter or what clothes can make you look shorter i have long legs and short torso i want to know of a way to look shorter?

Wear flat shoes. No high heels. Also a croped jacket and capris make your legs look shorter. Stay away from vertical stripes.

What type of shorts to wear with skinny legs?

avoid flared shorts, stick to short shorts coz than thy will make your legs look bigger even if there not.

What are the main uses for shorts?

they're just a "shorter" version of pants. Pants you wear in the winter and shorts in the summer. That' all there is to it.

Does squatting make us shorter in height?

No, squatting only makes you LOOK shorter in height temporarily.

How do you make Nike elite socks look good with shorts?

Don't pull your socks up all of the way and sag your shorts a bit

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