Do shy boys like shy or outgoing girls better?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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It really changes from one guy to another. I would say that "most" shy boys like outgoing girls, but not everyone will agree.

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Q: Do shy boys like shy or outgoing girls better?
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Do boys like girls that are talkative?

It depends on their preference. Some prefer more outgoing girls, while others perfer more shy girls. If they are outgoing themselves they will probably like girls that are also outgoing, or talkative, and vise versa. I dont

Do boys like girly girls better or tom girls better?

It depends on the boy. Boys can have different types of girls they like. Some boys like tom boys and some like girly girls.

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No it seems that boys like it better.

When do shy boys become more outgoing?

they become more outgoing when they just decide to go for it. just ask her out. girls like guys with balls.

Does joe Jonas like outgoing girls or quiet girls?


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girls are all depends on what you like. some boys like outgoing, hipper, popular girls while other boys are annoyed by them. some girls go out with everyboy in the school and save nothing for marriage...other girls take dating seriously and are a treasure.

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Do boys like it when girls talk to them first or is it better to wait?

Boys like it when girls they find attractive talk to them. Boys don't especially like it when girls they don'tfind attractive talk to them.

Do boys like vediogames better than girls?

sometimes some boys do

Does shadow the hedgehog like girls or boys better?

Girls unless he is homo.

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you compare girls and boys and see which one you like better

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Well, boys SHOW OFF and would look silly if they were acting stupid! Boys like to behave better around girls because sometimes they like them. In most cases boys just want to look better so they can make girls like them.