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Do smoothies count as a juice if you are starving yourself?

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Smoothies are not juice. Smoothies contain fruit and usually some type of yogurt or thickener.

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How many smoothies does a jamba juice store sell each day?

too many to count

Does fresh fruit juice count as a portion?

if you juiced it yourself it certainly does

Can you make smoothies with just yogurt and juice?


Is banana juice real?

bananas are only used with different fruit but just bananas r used for smoothies. so banana juice is not real but banana smoothies are!

Name of juice shop at least 30 names?

Jamba Juice Juice Stop Juice Gallery The Golden Glass Gallery Juice House The Natural Diet Juice The Perfect Gluss Smoothies Natural Purified Just the Perfect Glass I love Juice I'm in love with Smoothies Irrisistable Glass

What are smoothies made of?

Smoothies are made of ice, usually fruit (It can be anything from juice to vegetables), and either yogurt or ice cream.

Is smoothies a mixture or solution?

Smoothies are mixtures of fruit and juices, no new substance is being formed so its not a solution. Strawberries are still strawberries,juice is still juice, apple is still apples,etc.

How did smoothies get their name?

In the the 1970's blended fruit juices were given the name "smoothies" by a fruit juice businessman called Stephen Kuhnau. He admitted that he "stole" the name from a similar but unrelated fruit juice drink that hippies consume.

Examples of beverages?

pepsi, coca cola, monster, iced tea, smoothies, fruit juice, apple juice, water,tonic water, etc.

What can you use orange juice for?

many things like ... orange perserve or even orange jelly and smoothies

What are some new and different non- alcoholic drinks I can make?

You can always make smoothies! Smoothies are healthy and perfect for a hot summers day! Smoothies are also appropriate for any age! You can also make a special blend of juice using fresh fruit.

What kind of smoothie machine will make my smoothies turn out similar to the ones at Jamba Juice?

There is no one smoothie machine that will make your smoothies like the ones at Jamba Juice. However, the ingredients you blend might make the difference. Sherbets and frozen yogurts will thicken your smoothie, and juices will thin it down.

What smoothies are there?

There are many types of smoothies, you can pretty much mix and match any food you like. Banana and milk, oranges and apple juice, apples and lemonade, whatever you like. Try searching 'smoothie recipes'.

A glass of orange juice a homogeneous mixture?

it depends if you count the pulps in the juice nevertheless, i think its hete. AND if u count the glass lol

Who are Innocent Smoothies' competitors?

· Pete & Johnny · Drink Express · The Juice company · GlaxoSmithKline · Gerber · Dan International

What type of juicer does jamba juice use?

They use a juicer called the NutriFaster. They use a VitaMix blender to make the smoothies.

Do apple juice increase sperm count?


What food does alesha keys hate?

Smoothies made of milk bananas and pickle juice. This concoction, while delicious, led to her downfall.

What can you do to increase sperm count?

Drink orange juice.

What drinks would you find on a Muslim menu?

Water, tea, coffee, soda, juice, lemonade, shakes and smoothies...anything without alcohol in it.

How do you prepare spirulina in powder?

You can add spirulina to juice and mix them together. More elaborate recipes are easily prepared, such as: smoothies, pasta, guacamole...

What are some ways that you eat pineapples?

Raw, in fruit salads, in smoothies, on pizzas, on icecream, in icecream, or you could use a juicer to make juice.

What liquid begins with a k?

Kool-AdeKiwi Drinks (Smoothies, etc)KobraKey Lime fruit juiceKasKelluke

What is fruit juice made out of?

That juice you just drank for breakfast, or lunch, isn't what you think it is. If you compare Capri Sun juices to some other juice company that came from cartons, you're gonna think Capri Sun isn't a juice at all. You're right, but wrong. You see, any juice you buy is in the ranges of 20%-40% fruit juice. All the rest of the percentage is just sugar and all the blah. Check out the "Ingredients" section (it should be underneath the Nutritions section). Either the company will lie, or you'll find out a hint of truth to these fake "juices". Now, if you mean fruit smoothies, well, the purest fruit smoothies I can think of is Jamba Juice. Their smoothies are pure fruit juice, just adding yogurt and crushed ice to make a smoothie (found out on Yahoo! page). So, if I were you, I'd go to Jamba Juice more often to keep up a yummy drink, and a healthy one, too (not being rude, or anything...)!

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