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The diet of a snail depends on the species. Some snails are herbivores, some are omnivores and some are carnivores.

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What cant snails eat?

Snails can eat almost anything. They shouldn't eat snail poison, though! :)

Do snails like wood?

Snails eat anything that u put in salad

Do snails eat anything?

uh, probs.

Do snails like to eat grass?

Snails don't normally eat grass but they will if they can't find anything else. But they will eat it if necessary.

Do snails eat vegetable?

they will eat anything but,they need to eat fruits and vegtables.

Do ants eat snails?

No, ants dont eat snails. Actually, ants eat anything and everything, including snails. But it's harder for them to kill a snail compared to a slug.

Can African land snails eat chocolate?

yes of course they can eat anything.

What do snails eat-?

Land snails love to eat just about anything you would put in a garden salad and are mainly herbivorous. Water snails will eat algae and most plant life that thrive underwater.

Can you eat fresh water snails?

You can eat anything you want, it might make you ill or fat, but you can eat anything even poison

What food do snails eat?

snails will eat almost anything. my snail eats apple pie, mango pudding apple pieces,etc!!

What does snails not eat?

Doesn't Eat anything that is not leave, bread fruit or veg. :D

Do goats eat snails?

Goats eat practically anything, even if they're not meant to!

Do snails eat snails?

what if a snail ate another snail baby then spit it back out 5 min later is it still alive

Do snails mainly eat lettuce?

Yes, snails love lettuce, but they will also eat anything else that is a fruit or vegetable as long as it's not citrus.

What do sea snals eat?

sea snails eat seaweed.They also eat anything plant realated.

Do snails eat roots?

Snails do not eat living things, they decompose dead matter. I suppose if it was a chopped off, dead root the snail would decompose it. But it won't eat it as long as it's still alive.

How and what do snails eat?

snails eat veggies

What do tropical tree frogs eat?

They eat insects, snails,worms, spiders, usually anything smaller then them

What alive things do rabbits eat?

Rabbits are herbivores, therefore do not eat anything that is alive. If they do eat anything that is alive, it is by accident, and would probably be a worm or a greenfly or something like that. Good question though.

What is vulture's favourite food?

anything. literally. they will eat anything. :) Vultures eat carrion, and if it is alive they won't eat it. So they don't eat anything.

What do garden snails eat?

Garden snails eat a range of different food's love greenery like leaves of various plants. They eat cucumber, lettuce, spinach, carrots, apples and strawberries, those are only a few of the fruits and vegetables that I have given my garden snails. Garden snails CANNOT eat citrus or anything but fruits or vegetables.

Do seagulls eat snails?

no, seagulls do not eat snails.

Are snails or fish alive?

Both snails and fish are alive. if they were not alive they would not have a heart or any other things that keep beings alive and functioning.

What things eat snails?

There are many different species of snails and they all eat different things. Some snails eat garden plants and some snails, such as sea snails eat plankton and fish.

What do baler snails eat?

baler snails eat plants and veggies and small snails