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Most snakes don't hibernate, it's only the ones that live outside of the tropics, and that is because of several reasons the most important of which are:

a) food - their prey may be more or less abundant are certain times of the year and

b) outside temperature - because snakes are ectothermic, the majority of their body heat is controlled by the outside temperature. In the tropics, snakes (and indeed, other "cold-blooded" organisms) don't need to hibernate, because they have a perfectly comfortable stable temperature all year. But in Europe/North America for example, these cold-blooded organisms will find it very hard to catch prey in cold seasons (so, winter) because they have very little energy to move and digest with!

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Snake hibernate during the winters. Hibernation in case of snakes is known as winter sleep in which physical activities are almost nullified and the normal activities to sustain life forms are existent during this period. Certain species also go on "Aestivation" also known as summer sleep.

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They hibernate in burrows.

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Q: Do snakes hibernate during certain times a year?
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There is some contention among scientists as to whether snakes in Australia go into "hibernation" or not. Because there are few places in Australia that get really cold, most snakes go into a semi-dormant state. This means that they will still come out during winter if the weather warms up enough.Australia's winter months are June, July and August. Therefore, these are the months when snakes are less active through South Australia. Having said that, however, it is not uncommon for snakes to emerge from their inactive state in August, so is wise to be wary of snakes at all times anyway.

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Animals that hibernate and migrate?

Some well known mammals that hibernate are bears, bats and ground squirrels. Reptiles such as snakes, turtles and frogs also hibernate, but this differs from traditional hibernation because the metabolic processes are different. It is called brumation, and just means the reptile is less active, or slow. They still need to take in water and are not fully "sleeping". Hibernating slows down their bodily functions such as digestion and heartbeat, as well as their metabolism, or how they turn food and fats into energy so that they can go a whole season without eating. In order to prepare for this, the animal usually will gorge itself to build up a store of fats and eat fibrous things such as grass, tree bark, hair, etc., to for a plug in their bowels and prevent them from messing themselves during hibernation.

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No. For one thing, snakes do not usually own calendars. I would imagine that the reason for asking about July would be the climate during that time of year. The climate is different from one part of the world to another. If snakes did go blind certain times of the year, the specific month probably wouldn't hold much weight in the matter. Snakes do have some vision like humans. To a limited degree they see with color. However, they mainly depend on infrared vision and chemosensation. Chemosensation, in basic terms, is taste and smell.