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Yes, because frostbite can happend to you when it is cold.

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Who cut off the soldiers ear?

HIMSELF! He cut off his own ear! Gosh!

The famous artest who cut off his ear?

Vincent Van Gogh cut off his ear.

Did Leanardo Divinchi cut off his ear?

NO he did not cut off his ear that was Van Gogh a famous painter

Why did leonardo da vinci cut his ear off?

it was vincent van gogh that cut his ear off

Who was the composer that cut off his ear?

I think you are thinking about Van Gogh, the PAINTER that cut off his ear.

Did van gogh bite his ear off?

im gonna awnser your question with a question, how can people bite there own ear offNo, he cut a part off it off

How did van Gogh lose his ear in 1888?

He cut (part of) it off with a razor. Some people believe Paul Gauguin did it.

Why did vincent van gogh cut his own ear off?

He was in a sword fight and his ear got cut off

How much of his ear did Vincent Van Gogh cut off?

he cut off his whole right ear with a razor

What was Leonardo's family like?

NORMAL not like him (whisper)cut off his own ear wow The first answer is wrong. Leonardo was not the one who cut off his ear, that was vincent van gogh. apparently he was depressed so he cut his ear off for some weird reason. I don't really no what his family was like. But some say they disowned him.

Who is the famous mathematician who cut his ear off?

Vincent van Gogh was the famous painter who cut his ear off, but he was not a mathematician.

Which ear of the soldier did peter cut off?

the right ear

Did Van Gogh cut his ear off to give to his boyfriend?

No, he cut part of his ear off and presented it to a prostitute who worked in the local brothel at Arles. He cut part of his ear off because he had seen bullfighters presenting part of the ear of a bull to their beloveds.

What part did van gogh cut off?

he cut off his ear with a razor

What did Peter cut off of the Roman soldier?

Peter cut off his ear

What famous people self harmed?

van Goff cut his own ear off

Did Vincent Van Gogh actually cut his ear off?

yes, he really cut off his ear to show the girl of his life, and she refusedAnswer 2Do not believe that romantic nonsense, which has nothing to do with the actual facts.Vincent cut off a part of his ear, mad at Paul Gauguin, in December 1888.He had by that time had no romantic connection for several years.Answer 3Some doctors had theorized that Van Gogh cut off his ear in an effort to relieve tinnitis, a ringing of the ear.

Did Beethoven cut off his ear?

It was Vincent Van Gough who cut off his left ear (i think) just to draw himself.

Why did Van Gogh cut off his a part of his ear and why?

he cut of his ear because he was sick of peoples voices so he cut of one ear and defined the other.

Why did vicent van gogh cut off his ear?

because he was really mad at his friend Paul Gaugin. And he cut off his left ear

Did Edgar Allan Poe cut his ear off?

No, hhe did not. Vincent van Gogh, the painter is the artist who cut off his own ear.

Why was Picasso's ear cut off?

No ear of Picasso's was ever cut off. You may be thinking of Vincent van Gogh, but that is another story:

Why did Vincent cut off an ear?

He was mad earlyer on and yelled at his assitent by mistake so later on he cut off his ear to say sorry.

How do you change ear shape?

cut it off

Which ear did Vincent van Gogh cut off?

Part of his left ear.his left ear

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