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Yes, the booster rockets. This usually happens after their fuel has been spent, and they merely drop back to earth and land in the ocean where they are retrieved and used again for another flight.

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What are some names for a rocket?

missile projectile space craft space vehicle space ship

Where does the Space junk that orbits the Earth come from?

It comes from pieces that fall of satellites or that are blown of satellites when they collide or are blasted by a missile. Some of the space junk is also spent rocket stages.

Is there any way to get to space without using a rocket?

Yes of course there is a way, there always is; i have a answer for you. To get to space without using a rocket is easy just look up into the stars and use your imagination! & whoever made the rocket or come up with it you can always outsmart them, there is always another way we don't all take to same paths do we? no we go our own way so why don't you come up with something?. Do some research and you might even get some where with it!

What do you need to take to space?

A rocket and some astronaut ice cream! No joke.....

What are some fun things for children to do in Huntsville Alabama?

Rocket and space center

How do rockets and space shuttles move in space?

Every action has an equal but opposite reaction. Throw burned fuel very rapidly one way (what a rocket does) and it pushes the rocket the other way. Some people wrongly think a rocket works by pushing the air behind it, but in space there is no air!

How many stages in a rocket engine?

It depends. Some rocket engines have a single stage, some have 3 or more. Staging allows for the overall weight of the vehicle to be reduced by dropping off parts of the rocket and continuing on with smaller rocket engines and less fuel.

How do sientist know that some stars are bigger then the sun?

Because they build a rocket and fly to space

Can you name some tools and devices needed for space travel?

there is the radar hubble space craft mars rover telescope x-ray for space first rocket

What are some problems that happen during space travel?

There are many problems that happen during space travel. People run out of rocket fuel when they go on space travel.

Are some rocket bodies reused for launching?

Yes the US Space shuttle is re usable and the external tank and solid rocket boosters are also re used.

Do cheap Skoda cars come with cheap auto parts?

"Some Skoda cars come with less expensive auto parts. Some are not.

What do space probes do?

its a machine that search parts of some planets

What parts of a space ship is left in space?

The space shuttle leaves nothing,but a satellite might leave some debre

Did Apollo 13 make it back to eart?

a part of it did. there were complications in space and some parts of the ship exploded in space.

Where do oranges come from in the world?

some parts of florida

How do satellites get in the air?

Satellites are attached to a rocket, just like sending a manned flight into space. As the rocket ascends, its boosters fall back to earth. Once the satellite reaches the correct altitude, it begins to orbit the earth. All of the boosters or rocket pieces fell to earth; most burn up in the higher atmosphere so there's no harm to life. Some parts may fall into the ocean.

What is a sentence for space?

1. Come on! I need some SPACE! 2. We have so many stars in space.

What is the definition of Assembly Space?

A room where some machine is put together from parts.

How did scientists find out the different fuels that made the rocket fly up into space?

Um... chemistry. Anything that burns quickly can be used as a rocket fuel (obviously, some things are better than others).

What does a space rocket that an airplane doesn't have?

A space rocket will carry it's own oxygen, or some other gas, to burn to power the vehicle. Aeroplane's that fly in Earth's atmosphere normally use a jet engine, that takes in air, mixes it with fuel and burns it for propulsion. Also a rocket ship needs a good navigation system. An aeroplane can use a compass and Global Positioning Satellites. A compass and GPS are not going to be much good in outer space. Especially if the rocket ship leaves Earth orbit.

How has space travel changed over time?

first there was made a rocket which could be used only once and after some time there was built a space shuttle which could be used several times.

Where is the rocket in Pokemon diamond?

You have to beat the Elite Four 50-60 times, and then go to team Galactic's building in Veilstone City and I think Team Galactic say that they have built some kind of rocket. I think you find the rocket in the building. I also think you go inside the rocket and you go into space and find the Jirachi.

Why don't rockets have wings?

Some rockets do have wings. Then again if the rocket operates in space, wings won't do any good. Most big rockets have control systems that swivel their main engines to balance the rocket.

How do you make a space ship?

the way to make a space ship is to first build it with cardbord,paper e.t.c........ use some thing hard to cover the top because the cover keep the presure in the rocket and make it fly higher when your done building the rocket you put something explosive in the rocket shake it and whact it fly. more information in eddy b .com

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