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Yes, the ratio of snow to water in the snowflakes can be as low as 3 or 4:1, and as high as almost 30:1, depending mostly on the temperature throughout the lower atmosphere where the snow falls but especially where the crystals form in the clouds.

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Why are some pea wrinkle and some are round?

because some peas are more evaporated. in other words: it is more dry. it has less water in it.

Does a muscular person weigh more or less in water?

You haven't said "more or less" than what. He weighs more than a beach ball and less than a manatee. Everybody weighs less in water than they do out of it. But every person weighs more than some other people and less that some other other people, whether any of them are in or out of the water.

Why is some ocean water clearer than some other ocean waters?

Less clear water has more algae and other nutrients. It is much more suitable for sustaining life. Clearer water has less nutrients, etc. and is less suitable for sustaining life.

Does it ever snow in Mexico?

Yes. Some regions in the Sierra Madre have annual snowfalls. Some photos are provided in the related links section.

What are some other causes of water pollution?

what are some other water pollution causes

Why some cloud are darker than other?

The darker clouds have evapouated more water from the land so they are more heavy.

What some non living things found in water?

Oxygen,water,carbon-di oxide and many more other things

Is it colder in different places in Mexico?

Yes. Some places have seasonal snowfalls, while there are regions where winter is hardly felt.

Why was the man's sink in the water but some logs logs are sink in water some logs don't sink in water?

The man density more then water these means the mans are have some density more then water.

The more fiber you eat the more constipated you are?

It's the other way around - fiber is not digested and holds some water, it will reduce constipation.

Are blizzards a threat to Mexico?

Yes. Some towns and villages on the Sierra Madre Mountains have seasonal snowfalls, and some of them have a small but latent risk of being affected by blizzards.

Does Aquafina dasani or Publix spring water have more chlorine?

No chlorine in Publix Spring Water, but it does contain some other chemicals besides H2O.

Why do some things float and why do other things sink?

The object which have more density than water it sinks and which have lower density than water it floats.

Why does conical shape help evergreen trees withstand large and heavy snowfalls?

Many of the trees are adapted to withstand large and heavy snowfalls and most conifers are conicalshaped trees that shed snow easily without breaking limbs or some of them also have very thick bark to protect them from fire.

When does it start gettin hot in Mexico?

It depends on the region/city, as there are some areas in Mexico where seasons are hardly felt, with a warm climate all year round. Other areas have seasonal snowfalls and more pronounced temperature variations. In general terms, Spring (March 21 - June 20) is the warmest season of the year.

What is the uses of mollusks?

they are food to other animals (including some humans) some filter water eat algae and plankton (usually) and much more

Why some object float and other sinck in the water?

It has to do with density. If an object is less dense than water (for example, oil), it floats. If an object is more dense than water, it sinks.

How can a simple bread recipe be adapted to add more fiber?

Add wheatgerm, and some more water. Or, use wholemeal flour (but again, you need to add more water than the recipe suggests). Linseeds also add fibre, as do other seeds - just mix them in with the dough (no need for more water).

What are some other names for water?

Aqua is the Latin name for water.

How does some the desert animal get water?

Some get water through eating other animals, insects and vegetation.

When ice floats some part of ice stays under water and some part below the water why?

Because some ice has more salt in it than other bits of ice so the ice with the most salt would float better.

What are the water resources of Delaware?

some water resources are lakes oceans and other water parts

What do you do for food too garlicky?

One of the things you could do is to add some more food content in order to neutralize the garlic. You can also add more water and other spices.

Can dogs drink anything other than water?

Yes.Dogs can drink orange juice or anything fruit.Other than those your dog can not take.Water is safest because it has no sweet just plain refreshments.And some even have some chemicals that are poison to dogs.Dog drink mostly water because they are activity and it is healthy for them. Some dogs drink more than just water.

How much water does a plant need to grow?

That depends on what kind of plant it is. Some plants, such as cactus, do not need much water. Other kinds of plants need more. So you would have to ask about a specific plant in order to get a specific answer.It really depends on the plant. Some plants need more water than others, such as a cactus and a bean ,the bean needs more water than the cactus because the cactus stores water and beans don't.

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